How To Take Care Of Your Body Skin

How To Take Care Of Your Body Skin

How To Take Care Of Your Body Skin There is a general tendency to take care of only those parts of the body which are visible and exposed. Most women take good care of their face, neck, arms and legs but neglect the other vital parts of the body. It is important to take care of each and every part of the body, as they help in protecting us against germs, sealing in the body moisture and fluids and acting as a natural thermostat to maintain the body temperature.

Tips to Take Care of Your Body Skin

How to Start off Your Body Skin Care

The most important point to be understood in relation with body skin care, relates to the retaining of the moisture content in the skin and preventing it from becoming dehydrated. The basic body skin care should begin with a good massage with a body cream or oil that maintains the normal body moisture.

The body skin care regime should consist of an exfoliating process, followed by thorough cleaning to keep it free from blemishes, dead cells and flaky skin. The entire process of proper body skin care leads to an attractive skin that is soft and smooth to touch.

Bath Time Body Skin Care

For most women, the body beauty care takes place in the bath. A shower or a cold bath is a great way of rejuvenating the skin and improving the blood circulation. It helps in the improvement of the skin tone and gives a sense of well being. Taking a warm water shower or bathing with warm water, soothes the skin, takes away pains and aches and relaxes the body. It is important to dedicate enough time to a bath so that a proper body skin care regime can be practised regularly.

The Effect of Hot and Cold Water Baths and Showers

Extreme temperatures should never be used while bathing. Taking a bath with very hot water can have a tremendous drying effect and lead to the sagging of breasts and the development of spider veins on the skin. Some ladies tend to lie back in hot water to soothe their muscles and relax their nerves.

If the procedure is conducted regularly, then the the hot water which covers the pectoral muscles around the breasts , can lead to its sagging in the long run. This is especially true in the case of women who do not exercise or are physically unfit. On the other hand splashing of cold water on the breasts help to tone up and tighten the muscles around the breast and helps in keeping them firm.

Cleaning During Bath Time

It is important to use a good quality mild soap that is made from organic ingredients for cleaning all parts of the body. It is important to cleanse all the parts of the body including the private parts, armpits, the area behind the ears and the neck.

How To Take Care Of Your Body Skin

Depending on your body skin type such as excessively dry, dry, normal or oily, you can go in for special variants of body care products that give extra protection and proper care to your body skin. Shower or bath foams and body washes are generally mild and gentle and can be used on all types of skin. Bubble baths, however contain detergents and should be used sparingly and infrequently as the can lead to dryness in the body skin.

The Scrubbing Process

Use a netted sponge or a soft scrub for exfoliating your skin and removing the dead cells from the surface. A long handled brush with a foam or sponge at the end can be used for scrubbing the back. A rough hand mitt or loofah should be used for removing the flaky dead skin from the arms and the legs. This may make the skin tingle due to improved blood circulation. A pumice stone can be used for the rough parts of the feet, elbows and knees.

Rinsing Off With Water

After scrubbing all parts of the body wash off thoroughly with cold or warm water. If traces of soap or body wash remain on the body skin, the skin pores will get blocked and lead to dryness and other skin disorders such as rashes and acne.

Nourishing With Bath Salts

Once the skin is rinsed off, it is important to provide nourishment with preparations that suit your individual taste. The best time to use the mineral supplements or the bath salts is when the pores of the skin are open after a warm bath or shower. However, some bath salts can lead to excessive dryness and irritate the skin and cause itching.

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Drying the Body Skin

After you come out of the shower or the bath tub, pat yourself dry with a soft towel. It is important to avoid rushing with the drying process as the skin is very sensitive after a bath and requires gentle treatment. Drying the body with swift and harsh strokes can lead to rashes and aggravations in the skin.

Moisturizing to Avoid Dehydration

After drying the body, it is important apply a good amount of skin lotion or body moisturizer to hydrate the skin totally. A good moisturizer will not leave behind a greasy feeling and will allow the pores to absorb the moisturizer completely.

How To Take Care Of Your Body Skin

If your body y is very dry, then apply unperfumed oils or mild body oils instead of a body lotion for best results.

Some Natural Products For Body Skin Care

Some easy home made preparations such as a cup of powdered milk mixed with the bath water can leave the body skin feeling rich and smooth. A cup of Epsom salt or sea salt can be used for stimulating and cleaning the pores. Those with dry flaky skin can mix some cedar vinegar in the bath water to remove the flaky cells and reduce dryness. This is also helpful for soothing the skin after a day on the beach or under the direct sun.

People who have particularly dry skin, should add a few drops of almond, sunflower, olive or corn oil to their bathwater to keep the skin supple and soft. If the water in your area is hard and makes it difficult for the soap and other cleansing agents to wash off easily, try adding a handful of oatmeal. This acts as an excellent means for softening water naturally.

Good body skin care goes along way in maintaining your looks and postponing the aging process .Taking good care of the body skin will make your skin softer and smoother and leave you feeling spotlessly clean and beautuiful in totality.