How to Take Care of Your Lingerie

Lingerie Trends

Let’s face it, lingerie is important for women. It is classy, stylish and personal and adds a lot to your confidence and the way you feel about yourself. And more importantly, it does not cost less!

Lingerie business is serious business and the fancier it gets, the price hikes naturally; just a single bra can cost you in excess of $500. While buying can be easy, it becomes imperative that it is looked after properly also. Lingerie care is of utmost importance and you must follow a few tips while washing it to make it last longer.

Use gentle washing powder for your lingerie. If it is being machine washed, do not forget to put them into laundry bag first. Avoid using dryers for drying and instead, put them outside in shade to dry naturally, direct exposure to the sunlight is an absolute no-no.

On the other hand, if you are hand-washing it, use cold water or at most lukewarm water. Let them soak in the mild washing powder and water mix and later, softly rub them to get the dirt off. Same drying method is applicable.

The material of the lingerie is a deciding factor on its washing treatment. It is best to read washing instructions as they often vary. Like for instance, satin and silk lingerie are ideally to be given for dry cleaning.

Never use harsh bleaches for your lingerie. And also, never ever try to wring dry your lingerie and do not think of ironing it either. These are basic golden rules to keep your lingerie intact.

Make it a habit to wash lingerie separately from other clothes. This method helps to retain the shape, elasticity and also prevents discoloration.

Try to not get your lingerie too dirtied before you give them up for washing. If you are wearing it regularly, clean it on a regular basis.

Do not manhandle your cotton lingerie as it is more difficult to maintain it. Rough or neglected treatment can totally ruin it.

Lastly, everything comes with an expiry date and so does lingerie. Do understand the need to periodically revamp your lingerie collection.