How to Tame Curly Hair

Some persons have curly hair and experts say this is because of genetic reasons. Curly hair does not signal any deformity and it is not a health problem. Curly hair is as good as hair that is straight.

However, some women prefer to straighten the curly hair for cosmetic reasons. At the same time, straightening curly hair could be a difficult job. Although it may not be possible to achieve perfect straight hair, some reasonable straightening could be achieved. There are some methods which may help to straighten it to the extent possible.

It is always advisable that the job of straightening should be entrusted to a professional hairstylist who has experience in straightening of the hair. At the outset, those who have curly hair should not go for frequent heat styling. It should be limited to about 2 styling per week as otherwise it would result in hair fall.

The procedure for straightening hair is briefly discussed here:

The first step is to wash the hair using curly hair friendly shampoo. Now apply hair conditioner and after about two minutes of applying, wash the hair thoroughly with fresh water.

Dry the hair. But dry it with a towel. Do not rub the hair with the towel, instead pat dry the hair. If the hair is rubbed with the towel, it would only make the hair entangle and disentangling will be very difficult. When the hair is still wet, use a comb with wide tooth and start combing. Start combing at the end and then disentangle the hair and then comb at the root.

Take good quality curl gel into the hand and massage the same when the hair is still wet. Do not apply too much gel because excessive gel may harden the hair when it becomes dry. Wherever the hair has entangled, apply more gel and try to twist the hair with the fingers. Now, use a hair dryer and dry the hair. But, always keep the dryer at a safe distance from the hair. A diffuser can also be used to the extent required.

When the hair is completely dry, take good quality anti-frizz serum or gel and apply it wherever required. The quantity of serum to be used depends on the hair. Now apply hair spray which helps to retain the moisture and keep the hair straight.