How to Tame Overly Curly Hair

Hair that is overly curly can be difficult to manage and usually requires a greater degree of professional care than normal hair. A frequent complaint from women with this type of hair is that it requires too much care and does not look good if it is not cared for properly.

Using a Relaxer

One of the best products that you can use to tame curly hair is a relaxer. This can be either caustic or mild. Mild relaxers are best if you prefer to care for your hair at your home. If your hair has been altered chemically in any way, for example if it has been highly bleached or if it has a high volume peroxide color, you should not use a relaxer. Your hair could become permanently damaged if either a mild or caustic relaxer is used.

Use of a Caustic Relaxer

If your hair is strong and curly however, you should prefer a caustic relaxer applied by a hair care professional. She would be able to judge if your hair is strong and curly enough to withstand the caustic relaxer. She would also know if your hair has undergone any of the treatments that make the use of a relaxer inadvisable.

Permanent Wave

One of the best solutions for overly curly hair is to apply a permanent wave. Large round rods are best used for this purpose and they will produce large curls that are easily manageable and remain relaxed enough to be cared for easily. Large curls can look good on any occasion and do not show the effects of heat or humidity as much as other hairstyles do.

Flat Irons

If you prefer to have your overly curly hair straightened, you should use flat irons. Some brands of flat irons have a thermostat that can be used to control the amount of heat applied to the hair. Ceramic flat irons can reach temperatures of 400 degrees safely. This great amount of heat can straighten hair swiftly and safely, and can be used by most hair types. One precaution when using flat irons is that you should always use a hair straightener to prevent the hair from being damaged in the process.