How To Tell A Man By His Shoes

tell a man by his shoes

tell a man by his shoesShoes have managed to achieve a great deal of importance over the past few decades, and people do nowadays tend to follow the famous quote that ‘a man is known by his shoes’.

Shoes, they say, indicate the whole character of a man- whether he prefers values above everything else in the world, or whether the man is a showoff, or even whether the man is somebody who has got strong determination and achieves what he wants to by any means. Thus, it wouldn’t be too wrong to say that a man’s nature is reflected via his shoe. If you wish to know how to tell a man by his shoes read on.

Sometimes, shoes are used to create the very first impression on somebody. Women are typically the most concerned about everything they wear, be it clothes or accessories but men pay less attention to self grooming apart from taking care of what shoes they wear.

The main thing that a guy looks at while choosing his shoes is comfort. If he does not feel comfortable in the shoes, he will think twice before getting it. Men buy a particular pair of shoes only if they find it to be both fashionable and comfortable. So, for the women, it’s always good to judge a person by taking note of his shoes. Let us now look at how to tell a man by his shoes.

Shoe Concern: Things That Are To Be Kept In Mind

Cleaning Of The Shoe:

The manner in which shoes are cleaned and the duration of cleaning them, makes them look classy and elegant. Frequency of cleaning the shoe has to be high. If the shoes are clean enough, then it is quite evident that the person is well mannered and takes immense care of himself and the place he lives in. If you are a woman trying to judge a man by his shoes, you can rest assured that a man with clean shoes will take care of you as well.

If you want to know how to tell a man by his shoes check out the various kinds of shoes and what they reveal about the wearer, below:

Boat Shoes:

Men who are seen wearing boat shoes have an eye for details. The smallest of things that are usually overlooked by most people, will catch the eye of this man. In other words, such men are simple and explore the minutest and fine things that are happening in the world. He doesn’t like to spend too much on himself but will definitely take care of you. Moderately stylish, they seem to be the most understanding of the lot.

Expensive Sports Shoes:

These kinds of men are mostly game-centric and perhaps athletic too. Their whole life revolves around playing a particular or a set of games. People like them like to enjoy their own space and are likely to be self oriented, only exception being any activity related to sports.

Sandals Or ‘Chappals’:

Men who prefer wearing sandals are generally free birds who would like to be out of bound. They are whimsical and wish to do things that are supported by his heart and not mind. He would love to travel outdoors, be it the mountain or the sea.

Now that you know how to tell a man by his shoes you should know that the whole concept of the shoes being known as a mark of characterization is not completely understood by men. Men only pass it off by lamenting that they buy things they are find comfortable and do not think about any other aspect. That said, shoes are counted as an important accessory for men and it is only proper that they try to wear shoes that make a statement.

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