How to Thin Your Eye Brow

Here are some of the great tips which will help you maintain thin eye brows.

1. You can use powder to fill in the bare space as powder has the dual feature of both color and volume.

2. Never use eye brow pencil only to color the bare space as it is insufficient to fill in the bare space.

3. Thin shape of eye brow is better than any other shape as it will help you look natural.

4. If you will combine powder in a style and pattern, it will create proper edges of your eye brow and perfect finishing is very important to look natural.

5. If there is less hair on the eye brow, use the brush to puff them. It will help the hairs look even and will also help fill in the bare area.

6. Once you have finished doing eye brows, apply some transparent face powder to give softness to the eye brows and it will also keep the powder, if your skin is oily.

Eye Brow Growth Stimulants:

There are products available which are used for the growth of hair. These products affect the hormones which are responsible for the hair growth but there is no guarantee that the product is equally effective for everyone. There are many treatments for hair growth and results vary for every individual. These are not equally effective for the all individuals at the same time.

Genes are the normal reason behind thin eye brows. If you have some permanent hair loss of eye brow, violent tweezing, trauma and burns are some of the reasons. Similarly, the effects of cosmetics can also be the reason for the hair loss in the area of eye brow.

Excessive amount of androgen in women can also be the reason behind hair loss. This happens usually at the start of menopause and at the same time, women may experience excessive hair growth on the face. So you need to be careful and look for some good treatment to avoid facial hair growth.

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