How to Tighten Loose Skin after Weight Loss

Loosing weight can definitely help one to look good, but it can have its downsides too, especially when extremely obese people loose weight suddenly.

If someone has lost his weight faster than usual or in a very short span of time, that individual is bound to be left with loose hanging skin, mainly around the abdominal region. But there is nothing to worry as this is natural.

Follow some simple tips to firm up your sagging skin.

Many would like to opt for painful surgeries to tighten the skin, but instead of doing that, be patient and let time do the healing. You can’t expect it to happen overnight. So don’t be fidgety and don’t rush.

Skin nourishment is very important to tighten your skin. Make sure you exfoliate the dead skin cells every other day and keep a check on the skin elasticity. Regular skin care routine will help your skin to be get back to normal.

Take hot water bath once or twice a week and don’t forget to add some pure sea salt to the bath water. Remember to mix in the salt well into the water, until it gets dissolved. The salt will help remove all the toxins out of your skin and thus tone up your skin. Not just that, your body and muscles will get relaxed and revitalized with this hot water bath.

Find out the percentage of your body fat. By doing so, you will be able to figure out the amount of loose skin you are left with after loosing weight.

Speaking of skin elasticity which is important for tightening of the skin, you have to increase your body’s production of collagen and elastin and you can achieve it by applying aloe vera extract or yeast extract and consuming soy protein. Once your skin’s natural defense gets strong, your skin will become firm and supple.

Skin healthy foods like coconut, cucumber, tomato and olives are excellent for skin tightening. Consuming these on a regular basis will show marked improvement on your skin-elasticity.

Supplement your diet with Hyaluronic acid and magnesium, as both these are essential for the collagen and elastin production within the body.