How To Treat Acne At Home

How To Treat Acne At Home

How To Treat Acne At Home Acne is one of the worst skin problems. It leads to breakouts, pigmentation and affects your personality and confidence. Many people turn to cosmetic cures to treat acne, but seldom get the much required results. Nature is one of the best cures for acne. The secrets behind acne-free skin lie on your kitchen shelves and your fridge compartments.

The correct remedies and treatments can bring about miraculous results. Read on to find out how to treat your acne problem at home.

What is Acne?

Just like it is important to know the root of the problem before finding its cure, it is extremely important to understand what exactly acne is. It is found that mostly adolescents and teenagers suffer with this problem but sometimes it is common in young adults and grown ups too.

Many women get acne post pregnancy and before menopause. The common symptoms of acne include regular pimples, excessive whiteheads and blackheads, pink bumps on the surface (known as papules) et al. The reason behind acne is not very clear but scientists and dermatologists link it to hormones and genes.

Though acne might be caused due to rise in androgen levels in your body, it is aggravated by external conditions too. A lot depends upon how you take care of your skin and how clean you keep it. It is not very difficult to treat acne prone skin at home if you follow a strict and regular regime.

Home Treatment for Acne

Holy Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the best things to treat acne. Much more than a mere spice, turmeric can actually help you deal not only with acne, but also with the ugly acne scars. The reason behind turmeric’s potency is its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. These properties help in fighting pimples and breakouts effectively. First and foremost, get hold of pure turmeric. Make sure that the turmeric powder is not adulterated with any food color or saw dust.

How To Treat Acne At Home

For oily skin, mix rose water with turmeric and apply on the acne prone areas. Keep for a few minutes and scrub off with warm water. For dry skin, apply a paste made of curd and turmeric. Keep for a few minutes and wash off. Make sure that you don’t keep the turmeric on your face for a very long time, as it can give an unwanted yellow tinge to your complexion.

Another good remedy of removing acne and acne scars is lemon juice mixed with turmeric. Be consistent with these remedies and your acnes will go away slowly. You can also consume warm milk mixed with a teaspoon of turmeric every night to cleanse your system, which will in turn reduce the appearance of pimples and breakouts.

Honey Magic

Honey is truly the golden syrup of nature. It is not only good for health but also good for your skin. The benefits of honey are limitless. Honey, just like turmeric, has strong antibacterial properties. It is interesting to note that the use of honey as a skin treatment can be rooted to a Sumerian tablet dated 2500 BC. If our forefathers used it so much, there definitely is something really remarkable about this beautiful gift from the bees.

Before you begin any treatment with honey make sure you have pure honey and not the one which is chemically treated and heated. Once you have laid your hands on pure honey, all you have to do is clean your face, dab a bit of honey on the affected area and let it dry for a few minutes. After it dries a bit, wash it away with warm water.

Do this for a week and you will notice remarkable difference. Some people are allergic to honey; hence it is advisable to do a patch test before going all the way. You can also make your own honey mask by mixing a tablespoon of almond oil with a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix well and apply to the entire face after it is cleaned properly. Leave on till it dries and wash off with lukewarm water. You can apply this mask once a week for a period of two months to combat acne.

Oatmeal Magic

Oatmeal is a natural exfoliant and is known to absorb excess oil from the skin. Using it as an acne treatment helps immensely. Soak oatmeal in warm water for a few minutes and dab this mixture on affected areas. Leave on for a few minutes and then scrub off.

How To Treat Acne At Home

Follow this regime every day for a period of two weeks. You can also make an oatmeal scrub cum mask by mixing oatmeal with milk and a dash of honey. Apply a thick layer of this wholesome mask on your face and leave it to dry. Scrub off while washing and you are good to go.

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Lifestyle Changes

All of us know that we can never aim to look beautiful if we do not have a healthy body and mind. It has been noticed that acne increases during periods of extreme stress and tension, for example, before an interview, during exams, before an important meeting, et al. Hence, stress and tension has a direct relation with acne.

Try to keep your mind and body healthy. Include products with zinc in your diet. Also go for fruits and vegetables which are rich in Vitamin C. Make sure that you drink atleast 8 glasses of water everyday as our skin is made of 70% water. Water helps in clearing the complexion and also helps in flushing out toxins from the skin. Yoga and meditation are extremely important as well. There are a few ‘asanas’ which help in improving the skin quality and texture. Meditation helps in dealing with stress and pressure.

Tips for Acne Treatment

Make sure you never touch your face with dirty hands. Infection is one of the major reasons behind the reappearance of acne and pimples. We pick up a lot of dirt and infections unknowingly by touching everything and anything with our bare hands. If these germs come in contact with our skin, the acne condition worsens. Hence, always wash your hands before touching your face.

Regularly follow the cleansing, toning and moisturizing ritual. Invest in a good face wash, toner and moisturizer. You can also use raw milk as a cleanser and rose water as a toner.

For immediate respite against pimples, rub an ice cube on a recently formed pimple. Keep rubbing the ice cube till it melts. The cold action will help in stalling the pimple growth and will also help in lightening the scars.

Make sure you follow one homemade treatment at a time and not all at once. If you want to begin with honey, continue it for a month or so. Do not mix and match treatments. It will confuse your skin and it might aggravate the problem.