6 Ways To Treat Acne On Your Back And Chest

Treat Acne On Your Back And Chest

Acne is a skin problem which haunts almost each and every girl in this world. It is a type of ailment where the sebaceous glands get blocked and swell up. Acne usually affects the teenage girls and the breakouts continue for  almost a decade or even more.

Acne can break out in any part of the body but the ones in the back and chest are very hard to cure. However, you can control them to some extent by taking proper care of your body.


One of the most effective ways of treating back and chest acne is by cleaning your skin everyday. However, you should not use harsh cosmetic soaps and scrubbers that remove the skin oil. They will only add to the damage. Always use an oil balanced body wash liquid to clean your back and chest. You should also change your clothes and clean your body sweat immediately after exercising. You should also keep your hair clean as they fall on the back and shoulders and may cause acne.


Proper Cosmetic Products:

It is very important to check whether you are applying proper cosmetics or not. Cosmetics are highly responsible for your skin reaction. It is recommended that you use products which are oil-free and suitable for your skin type. It helps in opening the pores. Sometimes tanning solutions are used to hide acne, but even this can be harmful. Avoid tanning as much as possible.

Proper Cosmetic Products

Proper Food Habits:

The best solution for treating this infection is to maintain a properly balanced diet. That help in the purification of blood, skin nourishment and healing of infections. You should consume foods which contain adequate amounts of fiber (whole-wheat), zinc (oyster, sesame seeds, etc.) and vitamin-A, B, C (fresh fruits and vegetables) and Essential fatty acids. You should also reduce intake of iodine rich foods (salt), alcohol, dairy products and spicy foods. All these can help increase oil secretion and thus give rise to more acne problems.

Proper Food Habits

Practicing Stress Reduction:

Stress can also be an important reason for the growth of acne. You can perform some simple yoga exercises, breathing exercises, meditation, etc. to keep yourself stress free. You can also relax your body by taking aromatic massage therapies.

Yoga Exercises

Natural Remedies:

Some very useful natural remedies that can be put into practice are rubbing of ice cubes, application of tea tree oil and other herbs, consuming herbal teas, etc. Ice cubes if rubbed regularly on your face can remove the oil. Tea tree oil as it contains anti-bacterial properties, can also improve the skin condition if you dab them directly on the infections. It can also be used for taking herbal baths. Some herbs like honeysuckle, cnidium seeds and lemon juice can also reduce acne. Moreover some herbs like yellow dock, burdock, deavers, etc are used as herbal teas for killing bacteria as well as for reducing swelling.

Tea Tree Oil

Medicinal Supplements:

Some medicinal supplements are consumed and even applied to the infected areas for curing acne. Some of them are salycilic acid, zinc, acidophilus supplements and herbal supplements (red clover, milk thistle, etc.). Salycilic acid is used for cleaning the infection whereas zinc and acidophilus supplements are consumed to destroy harmful bacteria and thus preventing scar formation.

Medicinal Supplements