How to Treat Anosmia Naturally

anosmiaHaving all the five senses is bliss by god but anosmia is when an individual cannot smell anything and completely loses the sense of smelling. The people affected cannot smell the perfume of the flowers, the eatables will taste absurd and many a times it gets a person into a horrifying situation where the smell of any leakage of gas, fire etc cannot be felt.

This happens when the olfactory nerves stops functioning and temporarily it takes place when the individual is affected with cold. It causes irritation and uneasiness to the person and mainly happens due to sinus, extreme exposure to chemicals, imbalance in hormones etc. They are various remedies an individual can overcome without much effort and expense. These are:

Natural Cure For Anosmia

The Effect of Ajwain Seeds

The seeds of ajwain have both properties of killing bacteria and minimizing inflammation whereas acting as a cleansing agent.

ajwain seeds

The seeds should be engulfed in a handkerchief and should be heated before the use. The smell of the seeds should be inhaled since it open up the blocked passages and is recommendatory once every night before bed.

The Consequence of Garlic

Garlic being highly characterized with properties of destroying viruses helps in opening up the blocked passages. The swelling gets minimized in the olfactory nerves and blocked passages open up due to garlic.


The hot water along with cloves of garlic and salt should be grinded and sipped like a tea. It is recommendatory to consume two times each day.

Meditation And Yogasanas

Meditation and other exercises help in clearing the blockage in the nasal passage and helps in better smelling and breathing. There are various breathing techniques which help the body internally as well as externally where jal neti is famous for clearing the sinus blockages.


This helps in minimizing and destroying of bacteria and germs and cleaning of mucus from the inner lining of the nose. Jal neti helps during stress, depression, respiratory ailments etc.

Benefits of a Clean Atmosphere

An individual should try to stay in an atmosphere which is clean and is void of dust and other germs and smoke. The particles of the smoke or dust may enter the nasal passage while breathing and cause irritation to the person.

Quit Smoking

The smelling capacity due to uneasiness gets hampered and the individual faces a problem in smelling. Intake of tobacco should be avoided and the company of people who smoke should be avoided. For safety a mask can be worn by an individual since it keeps away from various kinds of irritants.

Abstain From The Usage of Chemicals

Since tumors and polyps cause anosmia it should be treated as soon as possible. They can be either treated through surgery or through medicines but it should all be adopted after a consultation. The consumption of medicines like antibiotics or decongestants should be limited to few weeks and not for a longer duration since an overdose creates a problem. Decongestants along with antihistamines cannot be consumed together.

The Magic of Steam

taking steam

The water after it is boiled in the pan should be inhaled effectively with a cloth over the head so that the heat does not escape. The steam helps in opening the blocked passages and killing germs. It should be repeated for a duration of a month twice each day.