How To Treat Nail Fungus Naturally

How To Treat Nail Fungus Naturally

How To Treat Nail Fungus Naturally People living in humid climatic condition or those who share communal showers usually become victims of nail fungus infection. Other people can also get affected by fungal nail infection.

Whether the infection has occurred in your fingernails or the toenails, in both cases you need to treat immediately. Immediate treatment will allow you to nip the infection in the initial stage and allow your nails to heal fast.

Most people do not prefer to take prescription medications for treating mild to moderate nail fungus infections. This is chiefly due to the number of side effects caused by these drugs which may include severe side effects like liver damage. If you have been infected by nail fungus, then you can rely on the multiple of natural treatments. Given below are some effective tips on how to naturally treat nail fungus infection.

How To Naturally Treat Nail Fungus Infection

Try To Follow A Proper Nail Care Regime

It is recommended to start treating your nail fungus infection by first following a proper nail care regimen. This will help you in eliminating the factors that might be responsible for thriving of the nail fungus. Use antimicrobial soap and warm water for cleaning your nails each day. After cleaning, you should allow your nails to dry by patting them gently with a piece of cotton cloth. Try to keep your nails trimmed all the time.

Soak Your Infected Nails In Apple Cider Vinegar

You may find it quite troublesome to follow this natural cure each and every day for at least two weeks. But apple cider vinegar is considered to be one of the most effective natural cures for nail fungus infection. Vinegar is equally effective for treating both toenail as well as fingernail fungus.

Therefore, if you are suffering from toenail fungus, then you should soak your feet in apple cider vinegar for minimum 20 minutes. Apple cider vinegar has acidic property, which helps it to inhibit the growth of fungus. Use this remedy twice daily until you observe positive changes in your nails. Unfortunately, this natural remedy does not work in case of serious infection.

Rub Onion Slices On The Infected Nails

Onion contains anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, which make it an effective natural remedy for nail fungus infections. You should peel an onion and cut it into thin slices.

The infected nails should be rubbed with these onion slices for nearly ten minutes and then they should be rinsed off with water. After this, you must pat your nails dry. This natural cure will provide satisfactory result.

Apply Pure Turmeric On The Infected Nails

Application of pure turmeric on the affected nails will help in killing the fungus because turmeric acts as a natural antiseptic. You should make turmeric paste by mixing a few drops of clean water and apply it on the infected nails at least twice daily. After about 30 minutes, you must wash it off with lukewarm water and dry it with the help of a towel.

Apply Tea Tree Oil

Applying 100 percent pure tea tree oil on the infected nails will also help you to treat your nail fungus. It is believed to be an effective natural cure for nail fungus. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and fungicide, which make it very effective against the nail fungus.