How To Treat Pregnancy Cramps

How To Treat Pregnancy Cramp

How To Treat Pregnancy CrampPregnancy is a phase in the life of a woman which calls for unlimited happiness and the joy of giving birth to a new life in the next 9 months. This is a God’s gift which has only been given to womankind and something that each one of them looks forward to at some point in their lives.

Basically, motherhood makes a woman feel complete and give her an aim to look forward to in life. However, there is a lot to learn and know about especially if it is your first pregnancy. From tips to dos and don’ts and from pregnancy changes and modifications to the after birth care of the child, these are some of the basic information that you definitely need to have a hang of.

Now, along with happiness, there are overwhelming and fearful emotions as well due to the drastic changes and alterations that the woman will go through with each passing week. They tend to dwell on these feelings also because of their concern for the proper growth and development of the baby.

The best way to face the situation is to know about it. There is nothing better than broadening your horizons about the expected changes and modifications when you are moving into each advancing week of pregnancy. Awareness is the key to the problem and this is something that will also help you set up the defined standards to ensure a smooth pregnancy. Along with changes, you will also notice some signs and symptoms that the body shows.

Some of these signs are for all the 9 months of pregnancy, whereas the others might stay for a week, month or even a trimester. In any case, you will feel the need to subtle downs the symptoms to a tolerable level and that too without the use of medications and drugs which is harmful for the baby. One of the many common pregnancy signs includes cramps in the stomach and the abdomen area as well as legs. Though, they are not painful, but a lot of times they are the reason for discomfort.

There are a few ways in which you can keep a control over pregnancy cramps or at least prevent it for a while. This health guide below will show you how to do it in a simple, safe, affordable and 100 percent natural manner. Check it out-

Simple Ways to Treat and Prevent Pregnancy Cramps

Have a Hot Bath

One of the best treatments that can provide you with instant comfort from pregnancy cramps is that of a hot bath. You can easily see the beneficial results this method gives you in regard of cramps and get you over from the pain and discomforting feeling. This will relax the stiffened muscles and ligaments of the uterus and help it again in smoother movements thus resolving the issues of cramps.

However, for a pregnant lady, the water should never be too hot and she should consider it lukewarm. Also, make sure you don’t sit in the bath for prolonged periods of time and keep it limited to only a 10-15 minutes session. It is quite a safe way to get over this pregnancy symptom without any risks or side effects.

Hot Compresses May Help

Well again, there are heating pads and hot bags available in the market which can be used on the affected area for sometime by the act of compression. If you don’t have a heating pad at your service, you can always soak a clean towel in hot water, rinse out the excessive liquid and then apply in on the cramps.

How To Treat Pregnancy Cramp

This will again provide with immediate treatment to the issue even if only on a temporary basis. Make sure that the water is not too hot. Follow this at any point of day when you feel the need and when the cramps become intolerable. This is especially recommended for areas like the lower back.

Be Relaxed

It is best that you stay away from any situations that can cause stress. This is solely because mental pressure is one of the major reasons to aggravate cramps in the body. Do things that will help you to relax your mind even if it is something as simple as listening to the music. According to researches, stressed pregnant ladies suffer from this symptom more than the ones who keep a relaxed environment. Try and keep away from work pressures for a while if needed.

Herein, rest and sleep also plays a major role and you should be able to take the sufficient of both to maintain normal levels and restrain cramps in the body. Lack of sleep can also lead to the problem, so it is best to take about 8-10 hours of sleep minimum of which is recommended for expectant mothers.

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The Diet Change

Both potassium and calcium are minerals that are supposed to have packed benefits for treating cramps. Make sure you include rich food sources of these minerals in the daily diet to treat the problem in a convenient manner. Bananas are a rich source of potassium whereas for calcium intake, you can consider food items like fish and salmon as well as green leafy vegetables, almonds, dairy products and sardines.

How To Treat Pregnancy Cramp

Vitamin C rich foods are also suggested which include citrus fruits, leafy greens, tomatoes, potatoes and many other products. Herein try and avoid any processed or junk food as well as carbonated drinks that can affect the cramps in an adverse manner and trigger the situation further.

Advantage of a Massage

A good massage, especially by a professional will help you in relaxing the muscles and ligaments of the uterus as well as the calves and the legs where you are experiencing the cramps. This can be done once everyday to get instant relief from pain and discomfort. Use good aroma oil for the purpose which will work as an aromatherapy and also relax the mind as a dual benefit. Do not leave out the feet while massaging which is yet another area where regular cramps can occur.