How To Treat Skin Discoloration Naturally

How To Treat Skin Discoloration Naturally

How To Treat Skin Discoloration Naturally Skin care is one of the most concerning issues for women nowadays. Researches show that more and more women are getting conscious about their body, skin and hair. They have started believing in staying well groomed and look out for ways to get a flawless appearance. Along with body and hair, there are a lot of problems you might have to face in your lifetime where the skin is concerned.

If you do not take proper care of the skin, it can also lead to issues like early onset of ageing and affect your beauty adversely. While talking about all kinds of skin crisis, one topic that you can’t avoid is that of skin discoloration. In simple terms, they are patches of skin which are different from the natural color of the skin.

Usually skin discoloration occurs due to breakouts or abrasions on the skin. However, it is something that you need not really worry about and can treat with some safe and sound home remedies. This guide below has the top most solutions to cure skin discoloration and improve and even up the skin tone. You can use one or a combination of remedies from below depending upon the severity of the situation as well as the time you have in hand. Where budget is concerned, these natural treatments are highly affordable.

Home Remedies to Cure Skin Discoloration

The Magic of Lemon Juice

Lemon is one of the perfect natural bleaching agents that you can get your hands on. The acidic nature of this product makes it a good remedy for removing the stubborn dead skin cells from the face by exfoliating it completely. Along with this, they are responsible for renewal and rejuvenation of new skin cells because of high Vitamin C content.

This helps in the gradual fading of the discoloration and leads to even skin tone in a matter of weeks. For application, soak cotton in lemon juice and apply on the face. Leave until it is dry and then rinse off. You are advised to do this 3 times in a day.

Vitamin C Rich Diet

Since Vitamin C helps in the renewal of the skin, you should try and include good levels of the same in your daily diet. Citrus fruits have high content of the same along with broccoli.

How To Treat Skin Discoloration Naturally


You can even adhere to a glass of fresh orange juice everyday. This step will definitely trigger the results along with other solutions.

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Use Baking Soda

A product straight from the kitchen racks is baking soda which removes the dead and discolored skin from the face without any side effects like irritation. One of the first successful step towards curing skin discoloration is to remove all the existing dead cells on the skin. You need to form a paste of baking soda and water and gently rub the skin for about half a minute. After this rinse the area well with lukewarm water to get results.

The Urine Way

It might sound quite atrocious to use urine in treating skin discoloration, but if you can then nothing better than this. Along with keeping discoloration at bay, urine helps in treating all the possible skin problems like acne, scars and even rashes. You need to soak clean cotton in the first urine you excrete early morning. Now apply this on the affected areas and leave for about 15 minutes for its effects. Rinse with warm water.