How To Treat Skin Marks Naturally

Skin Marks

Skin MarksSkin care is very much of an important aspect to consider along with maintaining good health and active body. Not only do they protect the body as a shield but also helps in giving you cosmetic and aesthetic benefits. With the growing need and desire to look good, more and more people irrespective of their age and gender and getting aware of the various ways in which the skin can be kept clear, healthy and glowing.

A clean skin free from problems like acne, pimples, blackheads, fine lines, dark circles and many more is definitely something that will catch the attention of the people around as well as give you all the reasons to feel attractive. However, no one is born with perfect skin and there are situations in life from time to time that does create certain crises of the skin which can make you look dull and in extreme cases even ugly.

Women more than men, are concerned about such situations and work well in preventing as well as treating the problem from the roots. The beauty that a woman wants to behold and deserves to, can only be achieved if the skin is blemish free and has no marks whatsoever. Many a times, pimples and other forms of breakouts, rashes, allergies and other skin infections can leave behind spots and marks on the skin.

This is also possible in the case of any injuries or accidents. The idea is to move on and look for ways that can help you fade the skin marks in a safe, simple and affordable manner. It is not a good solution to adhere to surgical methods or medications and drugs. The best you can do for your body and your skin is to look for well researched natural and homemade ways in which you can clear the skin of the marks and get back your lost radiance.

Natural remedies are also reasonable and do not leave any pressure on your pocket or budget. Below is a guide that helps you in the best possible manner to create awareness about the natural treatments to cure skin marks. You can check them out and pick the ones that best suit your priorities and suitability. A combination of more than one can always trigger the treatment process to a great extent.

Natural and Homemade Treatment for Skin Marks

Benefits of Lemon Juice

Lemon is one of those natural products that has natural bleaching properties and helps in fading the brown and dark spots and marks on the skin. It also helps in the brightening factor. It is not only a hot favorite among women because of the ease with which it treats the skin marks but also because it is quite reasonable on the pocket.

Lemon Juice

It is best recommended for marks such as age spots and not those caused due to injuries. Also, it will show wonderful results for small marks on the skin rather than big ones because of the low levels of effect of the citric acid.

Essential Oil Combo

For stubborn skin marks that just don’t seem to leave your skin, it is always a good idea to prefer some home remedies that work more effectively. One of the best gifts for skin care till date is pure essential oils that are packed with innumerable benefits. You can easily make sure of some of them each day on the marks and see how well it helps in complete removal of the skin marks in a couple of weeks.

For the very same purpose you will need equal quantities of lime essential oil, cabreuva oil, lemon essential oil, myrrh essential oil, and spike lavender oil. These should be about ½ teaspoons each. Mix them well and add ¼ teaspoon of each tea tree essential oil, sweet marjoram oil and cade essential oil. Once all the oils are blended in well, you need to add good quality olive oil to the liquid mix in about 1 ¼ cup quantity. Mix this and store it well in an air tight container.

essential oil

Whenever you end up using it, make sure you mix the bottle well before going to the next step. Take a small amount of this in a bowl and use a clean cotton ball for the purpose of application. Make sure the cotton is soaked in the oil for a minute before you start dabbing it on the skin. This cotton ball should be gently rubbed on the marks that you want to remove. The areas that do not need the treatment should be totally avoided.

Keep this oil on the affected skin for the next 20 minutes followed by a cool water rinse. This should be followed by a good cleanser to clean the skin and a moisturizer that provides deep nourishment. This should be used daily for the next two months after which a new liquid should be prepared. In case of any irritation on the skin, the treatment should be discontinued.

Buttermilk Effects


For those who want to treat brown spots and marks should apply buttermilk on the skin each day. The lactic acid content will gradually but permanently remove all the sports and marks on the face.

Proper Diet Foods

There are many food sources that if eaten regularly have rejuvenating effects on the skin. They help in removal of the dead skin cells, repair of the damaged cells as well as growth of new skin cells. These foods should be incurred in the daily diet so that the marks can eventually fade from the skin in the most natural way possible.

Also, if the marks are on the body and you are in no rush to treat them because of their lack of visibility, there is nothing better than bringing into good food sources that will have many other benefits for the skin along with marks removal. Fruits and green leafy vegetables and high fiber rich foods and nuts are some of the many good examples to achieve your goals.

Drink Plenty of Healthy Liquids

Along with a recommendation of 10-12 glasses of pure and filtered water everyday, have fresh fruit juices and other beneficial liquids to keep the skin hydrated, soft and supple and improve the blood flow and repair skin cells. This is another way that will gradually treat the skin marks in the most natural way possible.