How To Treat Yellow Nails Naturally

How To Treat Yellow Nails Naturally

How To Treat Yellow Nails NaturallyManicured hands and nails have always been an added star to anyone’s beauty. However is becomes very difficult for most women to maintain clean, long and white nails. Also, it is not possible to manicure them quite often, especially for those who have financial issues.

Salons and parlors charge a hefty amount for nail treatments as well. One of the most common nail problems that we come across in women are yellow nails.

Since nail treatments are not only expensive but also harmful in the long run, one should always make sure to opt for natural remedies at home. For this here is a simple guide that you can follow totreat yellow nails.

Natural Treatments For Yellow Nails

The Wonders of Toothpaste

One of the simplest ways to get those white and clean nails is to scrub them with toothpaste. Not only will it help in removing the stains from the nails but also whiten them along with an extra bit of shine!

Lemon Magic

Lemon is another natural product that has innumerable advantages attached to it. One of the most common ones is its role as an astringent. All you have to do is soak your fingers and nails in lemon water for a while to remove all the yellowness and stains from them. The treatment is totally safe and free from all kinds of after-effects!

How To Treat Yellow Nails Naturally

Lemon can also be used on the nails in the form of lemon essential oil to whiten them. However make sure you use it regularly for best results! Pour the oil in a bowl and dip the nails in it for a couple of minutes. This will also help in conditioning the nails thoroughly.

Baking Powder and Lemon Juice Combo

Make a fine paste of good quality baking powder and lemon juice. Now apply this on the tips of the nails as well as a small amount on the centre of the nails as well. This will help in treating yellow nails perfectly and without much hassle.

Increase Zinc and Vitamin E Supplements

Lack of zinc mineral in the body is one of the root causes of yellow nails. Try and increase the amount of zinc supplements in your daily meals. This will help you get rid of the problem permanently.
Also, Vitamin E will help you in a magical way to cure the crisis of yellow nails. Since, prevention is better than cure, you can also include both of these even if you are not suffering from the dilemma of yellow nails.

Buffering and Moisturizing

Make sure you buffer and moisturize your hands and nails from time to time. Buffer them slightly and then wash them. Once dry, apply a good quality hand moisturizer and nail polish on the nails. This will keep them conditioned and protected from the external factors thus avoiding yellowness.

These are some of the best natural remedies that you can follow at home with any complications. Regular follow up will give you perfect results! However, it is advisable to consult a doctor or a professional if the problem persists for long.