5 Uses Of Almond Oil For The Face

Almond Oil For The Face

Every year millions of women spend a lot of money on cosmetics and other skin care products. Unfortunately most of these cosmetic formulations are not that effective and are exorbitantly priced as well.

Moreover due to the harsh chemicals present in these products you will need to watch out for any possible side effects. In contrast to this natural skin care products are not only cheap and effective but these skin care products also ensure that your delicate skin does not suffer from the ugly side effects of chemicals.

Almond oil is one such natural product which boasts of multiple benefits for the hair and skin care. In fact this product is also widely used by a lot of cosmetic companies in their makeup and skin care products due to its moisturizing and other benefits.

Extracted from the kernels of sweet almonds, this oil has been used since time immemorial for various therapeutic and moisturizing uses. There are many regions that produce sweet almonds from which this oil is extracted. It has been used in ancient India’s Ayurvedic medicines and the Greco-Persian medicines as well. Having a slight yellowish color and a sweet odor, this oil is one of the best carrier oils and is not too heavy or sticky.

Apart from cosmetics and skin care products, almond oil is also widely used in spas and for aromatherapy. This oil when massaged regularly into the skin makes the skin clear and radiant. Moreover it helps in restoring the pH balance of the skin and gets rid of skin problems. Here is a list of benefits and instructions on how to use this amazing natural skin care product with ease.

Benefits Of Almond Oil For Face

Our facial skin is soft and prone to suffering from skin care woes like dark circles, blemishes and acne. Using almond oil in the daily skin care regime of cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing, helps in imparting the natural glow to the skin while getting rid of the skin troubles.

Dark Circles

Almond Oil As A Face Cleanser

Almond oil can be used for cleansing the skin and removing the dirt and impurities from your face. This natural face cleanser is light and moisturizing and thus suits all skin types. To use it as a cleanser, massage some almond oil on your face and neck for around two to three minutes. Leave it on for some time.

Dip a piece of washcloth in hot water and then take it out and remove the excess water. Place the warm washcloth on your face. This helps in opening the pores and removing the dirt and impurities. Finish by cleaning your face with a soft, wet washcloth and then wash your face with cold water.

Almond Oil As A Face Cleanser

Scrubbing With Almond Oil

Mix almond oil with sugar or salt to make a great natural face scrub and remove the dirt and impurities trapped in the skin pores. If you have normal skin then use salt or use sugar for making the scrub. Apply the scrub to the face and then massage gently in a circular direction using your fingertips. Wash off your face with cold water. This gentle natural scrub can also be used on the lips to exfoliate them.

Scrubbing With Almond Oil

Use Almond Oil for Massaging And Moisturizing

Regular massages with almond oil helps in treating dry skin and adds glow to the face. Massaging with the oil boosts the blood circulation and moisturizes the dry, dull skin effectively. It is an emollient that helps in soothing and softening the skin. Use it for facial massage to clear all the skin problems including under eye circles, wrinkles, dark spots and acne.
For using it as a massage oil, start out with cleansing your face thoroughly. Then massage the almond oil on the face gently for some time so that the oil soaks into the skin properly. Do this facial massage before going to bed to get beautiful, glowing skin in no time. Almond oil is also an excellent carrier oil and can thus be mixed with essential oils for making a great massage oil.

Use Almond Oil for Massaging And Moisturizing

Almond oil is great for treating dry, and chapped lips that are darkened due to sun exposure or excessive smoking. Apply almond oil on the lips and massage it for some time to lighten dark lips.

Other Benefits Of Almond Oil For Face

Apart from the daily facial care routine, almond oil can also be used for treating various skin problems. Long hours of sitting in front of the computer and tiredness can lead to dark circles under eyes. Dab some almond oil on cotton balls and place them over your tired eyes to get rid of under eye circles. You can also gently massage almond oil under the eyes for getting rid of those horrible dark eye circles.

Moreover regular use of almond oil which is a rich source of Vitamin E helps in keeping the skin moisturized and prevents appearance of wrinkles and age spots. It is an excellent emollient that tightens the skin and reduces all the signs of premature aging.

Use of almond oil

Acne and blackheads are probably one of the most common skin care problems faced by men and women. Applying almond oil and massaging it regularly helps in moisturizing the skin and preventing the appearance of blackheads. Minor infections, burns and wounds can also be treated with the use of almond oil. Skin irritation and problems like eczema can be cured by using almond oil on face.

Sun damage is one of the major causes of skin problems such as sunburn, sunspots, tanning and skin peeling. Treat these problems by applying almond oil after extensive exposure to the sun. Almond oil is easily available in healthcare or aromatherapy stores and is also widely used in many skin care products. It is often moderately priced and is easily available. If you have nut allergy, then avoid the use of almond oil. If you are buying pure almond oil then you need to know that it can soon go bad. So store it in a cool dry environment.

Causes of skin problems