5 Tips To Use Biosilk To Get Smooth And Frizz Free Hair

Use Biosilk To Get Smooth And Frizz Free HairColoring or styling your hair with hair styling tools such as heat curlers and hair straightening iron is too tempting. After all, a new hairstyle bestows a completely new look and helps you stay fashionable

But how many of us are unaware of the after-effects of using these hairstyling applications? Whether you oil your hair regularly or follow a hair care regime; dull hair, split ends and rough hair is something that you cannot avoid. But what if you could find the product that not only helps you do away with hair frizzes or adds shine to it, it also helps in nourishing damaged hair, repair split ends and soothes hair cuticles?

Biosilk is a revolutionary hair care product that is infused with hydrolyzed silk. The product not only revitalizes and repairs your hair, it also nourishes your locks and make your hair strands silky smooth, while strengthening it at the same time.

Biosilk has been made using the latest technology so that your hair remains protected against heat, humidity or cold and bounce with a healthy appearance. Your hair also becomes easy to manage after using Biosilk. The article deals with the proper method of using Biosilk.

BiosilkKnow What Biosilk Is – The First Step You Should Take Towards Using It

The first step that goes forward towards using Biosilk correctly is striving to know what exactly Biosilk is and what its constituents are. By knowing what is contained in any formulation, you can use it more confidently and look even better.

Biosilk is a silk-infused lightweight formulation that behaves like a leave-on conditioner. The product works by smoothing the hair cuticles and repairing split ends. Ethylester of hydrolyzed silk present in Biosilk imparts a shine and gloss to the hair without weighing it down. Biosilk also behaves like a sunscreen and protects your hair from ultraviolet rays of the sun. It also guards your hair against pollution and is suitable for all hair types.

Hair cuticles and repairing split endsPrepare Your Hair Before Using Biosilk

In order to draw maximum benefits out of the Biosilk formulation, it is important that you well-prepare your hair and then use this miracle solution. It would be a good idea to shampoo your hair first and then towel dry your hair. Biosilk manufacturer recommends the use of Biosilk silk therapy shampoo and conditioner.

Although your hair should not be dripping out water, it shouldn’t be too dry as well. Brush your hair while it is still damp and do away with all the tangles. Smoothing out the tangles will prepare your hair for a smooth spread and will ensure that when you apply Biosilk, each hair strand from root to tip gets covered.

Biosilk silk therapyGet Biosilk For Yourself

Now that you know how good Biosilk is for your hair, go and purchase Biosilk Silk Therapy bottle for yourself. Biosilk Silk Therapy is available in 2.6 oz. to 34 oz. bottles. You can either go to the market yourself and buy it from a retail store or order it online. Biosilk is easily available with a variety of online vendors including drugstore.com and Amazon.com.

Biosilk silk therapy 34 ozUsing Biosilk

After you have got the Biosilk bottle for yourself and have already prepared your hair, squirt some solution onto your palm. If you have hair that is shoulder length or shorter, you must use only that much of amount which is equivalent to the size of a dime.

For longer hair, use amount equivalent to the size of a quarter. In case you’re not sure about the amount of liquid that you should pour on your hand, it will be a good idea to use as little as possible as you can always reapply more of it again. Applying too much of the liquid will not give your hair the desired look and will make it look greasy.  You may even have to rinse your hair again.

After you have poured the desired amount of solution on your palm, rub it between your hands and brush through your hair using your fingertips. While applying it on your hair, you have to make sure that the liquid gets evenly distributed throughout. You must avoid the solution’s contact with roots.

In fact, while applying any hair cream or serums, you must not use it on your hair roots, irrespective of the length of your hair. Biosilk is a leave-in treatment that reconstructs and replenishes hair while strengthening it from inside out. But if you apply it on your hair roots, it will make the hair look greasy and oily. Moreover, it would also attract dust and other particles that may clog the pores.

Applying any hair cream or serumsAfter you have applied the formulation on your hair evenly, it is time that you brush your hair. Brushing allows you to remove product buildup and also drag it down, making it reach the hair cuticles. Brushing will also ensure an even distribution.

Brush your hair1Now you can style your hair as per your wishes. You may use a flattening iron or blow dry your hairs like you usually do. They ingredients present of Biosilk will not only relax your hair, it can also make the hairstyles easy to accomplish. Moreover, your hair will stay protected from heat, humidity as well as frizz.

Tips & Tricks

Biosilk can be applied as often as you like. In fact you may keep applying small amounts of Biosilk on your hair throughout the day. It will be really helpful in managing frizzes. In case your hair is healthy, you may want to use it weekly.

Managing frizzes hairThe secret behind the amazing shine that Biosilk adds to hair is its main ingredient, the silk itself. Ethylester of hydrolyzed silk contains 17 amino acids that are present in hair and are important for its health. Because of this, Biosilk is an ideal product for fortifying damaged hair.

Preventing hair breakageSilk present in the formulation also adds elasticity to your hair, thereby preventing hair breakage. Since silk’s modular structure is triangular, it refracts light, thereby bestowing incredible shine to your hair.

Biosilk is also great for hair that is color-treated. The silk molecules in Biosilk help in locking-in the color so that the color can be retained for long. Now whether you want to treat your hair with color or want to straighten it with irons, you can do it without fear that your hair quality will deteriorate. You have Biosilk now – an exceptional product for your hair.

Apply Biosilk on your hair