How to Use Skin Bleach

Why do women want to bleach skin? The reasons can be various. If someone is on the look out for a good partner, she would like to look attractive, or a working woman wants to look fair to get a promotion in her professional field. Some women may want to bleach skin only to hide wrinkles

While the Melanin content in your body gives the skin its color, the bleaches try to reduce production of Melanin. Some whitening applications function like a sunscreen, absorbing UV rays preventing pigmentation of your skin.

Cosmetics use Hydroquinone, a potent chemical to get rid of dark tone of the skin. These chemicals can turn dark skin to somewhat fair color. They are also risky to use.

Used from ancient times, bleaching is also done for your hair. Hydrogen peroxide present in the bleaches can be harmful to your skin, if it isn’t properly used. You should always do a patch test by applying the bleach under your ear and examine for two days, to find whether it has caused any reaction or discomfort.

When using bleach, follow all instructions given with the product. Don’t apply the bleach near eyes or nose, applying only where you want the skin to become light. If you are trying to hide facial hair through bleach, you shouldn’t use too much of it.

Natural skin bleach

If you are allergic to products having chemicals, you can make a bleach at your home with natural components picked from you kitchen. It can hide blemishes, dark spots and skin tone that is darker.

Homemade bleaches can give a natural shine to your skin. Few recipes for homemade bleach:

Mix in a bowl a tsp. each milk powder, Honey and ½ tsp   Almond Oil, and apply on the face and neck. Wash it after 45 minutes.

Make a paste of 1 tsp. Gram Flour and 2 tsp raw milk. Add to it a couple of Lemon Juice drops. This can bleach your face.

Mix two tsp Tomato Juice with a couple of Lemon Juice drops and use it as a facial. Wash away after fifteen minutes.

recipes for homemade bleach