4 Steps To Wash Sisterlocks


Steps To Wash Sisterlocks

Are you a person who has curly hair? And do you love to style your hair? Here we present you an extraordinary style for curly-haired people. If you love to see your hair in curls then the perfect hairstyle for you at the moment is Sisterlocks.


This hairstyle is the latest hairstyle trend for all people who enjoy the feel of curly hair.

Enlightening Facts About Sisterlocks

The trend of getting the hairstyle Sisterlocks came from the African Americans. Their hair texture varies from straight to wavy and mostly they have curly hair that is tightly twisted. The people, who have curly hair, generally have dreadlocks.

Sisterlocks are smoother and less thick than the dreadlocks. This hairstyle is more comfortable than the dreadlocks and therefore is followed by most curly-haired people. Another feature of this hairstyle is that it is more manageable.

Enlightening Facts About Sisterlocks

Oops! One Tiny Problem

Even the best things in the world have problems associated with them. The only problem with Sisterlocks is that they want a little attention from you.

All they desire is that you follow a proper way of washing them and hence take care of them. To help you out with your favorite Sisterlocks, we are providing you with some helpful tips that will assist you to wash your precious hair.

Mix It Well And Sort Your Hair

The very first thing that you have to keep in mind is that you should always be very gentle to your hair. Now that you know this mantra, let’s tell you about your washing agent.

Take equal parts of water and shampoo and mix them well. Put this mixture into a clean spraying bottle. Take your hair and divide it into four or six equal divisions. Your hair is now ready to begin with the shampooing.

Take equal parts of water and shampoo

Scalp Comes First

Take the spraying bottle and spray some of the mixture on your scalp. Make sure that the amount of mixture that you spray is enough to make your scalp saturated. This is the first shampoo session, so concentrate more on cleaning the scalp first. When you feel satisfied that your scalp is now clean enough rinse it thoroughly with water.

Take the spraying bottle

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Lucky Locks Are Next

After attending to the scalp of your hair, now it’s time for your locks to feel the pleasure of shampooing. Take the spraying bottle once again and now apply the mixture of shampoo and water on the locks of your hair.

Clean your locks well and then squeeze the foamy lather of the shampoo downwards. Spread the lather from the roots to the tips of your hair. This will ensure that your hair got completely washed throughout the entire length of it.

Clean your hair

Wash Your Locks Well!

The shampooing procedure is now almost completed. Cleaning and rinsing is done. Now it’s time to wash your hair. Take adequate amounts of water and rinse your hair thoroughly. Squeeze the water downwards towards your tips. Take care that you remove all the shampoo from hair. Wash your hair once more with water. Shampooing your locks is now complete. Enjoy the feel of your silky locks.

Cleaning and rinsing