How To Wear Black Without Looking Boring

how to wear black

how to wear blackMost women find black to be the safest bet when they are in doubt as to what to wear. Black makes us look sharp, professional and stylish. It is a universal, all-season colour.

But if you want to get the maximum out of a black evening dress or black work suit,  pay attention to the quality of the material as well as the cut. Black also is available in different shades and its effect varies from wool to silk to chiffon to cotton. And at times, this strong but bland colour needs to be brightened up by employing a few tricks.

Black Top Vs Bottom

Fashionistas say that black often makes pale complexions look dull and olives look sallow. Also wearing black on the top, especially around the face, may not suit all, though black at the bottom is safe, they say. Also women with matured skin tone should wear a bright colour underneath their blacks to add some hue to their face and neck.

Black in sheer, diaphanous fabric will break the hard look of the colour. Settle for a shift dress than a high collar and long sleeves.

Glam Up

With the right accessories, you can jazz up your mini black dress or formal black gown as well as lift your style quotient from drab to fab. Pile on the bling with your black number. A bunch of silver chains, a statement neckpiece, bracelets or earrings will add an instant shine around your neck area and give you a luxe look.

Stand out during the cocktail hour in your black number by donning a sequined jacket or cropped bolero over it. Pair your black leather biker jacket with a sequined tee and a black lace skirt to add a sexy twist to your look at the discotheque. Finish the look with a pair of block-heeled black leather spiked sandals and an oxidised bracelet.

Brighten up your simple black one-shouldered dress with a sparkling glitter-finished clutch for your glamourous after-hour look.

But if you want to avoid too much glitter, grab a golden silk scarf or one with a beige and brown print, as per your mood to dress up your black outfit. The scarf can also go around your waist or hair instead of your neck. A cashmere with rich beige or gold embroidery can be thrown over your shoulders for a sophisticated look.

Also bangles and neckpieces in natural textures like leather, wood or raffia will balance out the black dress. Brown or taupe jackets and belts in weave pattern or in animal skin will add some texture and panache to your black dresses.

Animal Instinct

Nothing perhaps will give your black dress as much polish as animal printed accessories. Add a dose of luxurious contemporary attitude to your sundown portfolio with a white kitten heel that has a python toe cap and a crocodile effect leather and acrylic clutch.

Or play up the appeal of a black stretch jersey gown with a snakeskin clutch in beige and black to make a striking statement. Block-heeled leather sandals in black will give it a stylish air.

Whether it is your LBD, a floor sweeping black gown or may be a black suit – look gorgeous with right accessories. Keep your black understated at the workplace by pairing it with white, beige, cream, grey or nude top and black or brown shoes. But when the sun sets, unleash your female charm to glamourise your black evening dress with a dose of glitter or animal prints and set the cocktail soirees ablaze.

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