How To Wear Shimmery Winter Eye Makeup

How To Wear Shimmery Winter Eye Makeup

How To Wear Shimmery Winter Eye Makeup Winter season has something special to offer. The season leaves you surcharged with lots of fun and frolic. Everybody looks forward to join the parties and carnivals held in this month.

The glow and glamour of youthful fervour wraps you with zeal and vigour. You get yourself decked up and start for the party or the picnic you are destined for. While heading for some outing or party or picnic, first you have to decide about your clothes.

What would be suitable for the occasion, whether it should be western or it should be something else. But the next part falls on your facial make-up. As you know, your face is the most important part of your body.

Whenever you meet someone, it is your face which reveals everything in your mind and that too is done with the help of your eyes. Your eyes must look beautiful and attractive and must shine like the sea shimmering in the sunlight.

The Techniques For Improving The Look Of Your Eyes

However, in the winter season, it is a little bit difficult for those who have dry skin. The rough dry look spoils the youthful glamour. It looks like the rugged skin of an alligator. Especially for the older generation, the wrinkles steal the charm and you need to hide them with makeup.

You must be aware of the techniques to apply your make-up. If you over do them, it would spoil the whole effect. For example, you must be an expert while using your eye-liner.

Your hand should be steady while wearing make -up on your eyes. You should be well-versed in the techniques of drawing lines at the outer edges of your eyes. The liner can spill out and the whole effect can be spoiled.

The Steps To Be Followed For A Shimmery Winter Eye Make-up

For an attractive and impressive effect in the winter, you have to get know-how about the suitable eye-make-up. First you have to wash your eyes and wipe them with cotton to make the lids free from oil.

Then you have to use the typical liquid or cream which is known as the base for the make-up. Next you have to take care of your eyebrows. They must be given a good shape so that your eyes look more beautiful. Then select the pencil which you are going to use on your eyes. Use the one which has sparkles. You should use the pencil on both the eye lashes. Those who want to look better can use artificial eye-lashes. If you give them a curve, they would look more attractive.

Different Colours Of Eye-Liners For The Old And The Young

For the ladies who are middle-aged or in their sixties and yet wish to look like sweet sixteen, black colour is best. It would hide the wrinkles on the eye-lids. The young have an upper hand as everything would suit them. But mostly they look glamorous when they use light shades of mascara and put darker shades on the eyelashes or on the eyebrows. And thus, their eyes would be their crowning glory.

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