How To Wear Vibrant Eye Shadow Shades Without Looking Tacky

Eye Shadow

Everybody dreams of having beautiful and attractive eyes. Now it is possible to get one with proper eye makeup. In eye makeup one of the most crucial things is the selection of the eye shadows shade.

Eye Shadow

You can definitely wear vibrant colors but you must know how to use them. When you want to use vibrant eyeshadow shades, remember that not every shade equally works well for every woman. Some colors work better only on certain skin tones. Go in for an eye-shadow shade that goes well with your eye color and your skin tone.

The right eye shadow should make your eyes look bigger, prominent and more expressive. Wear more than one shade if you want to go for a vibrant shade. Mix a light shade and a dark shade. While applying, the more vibrant shade should be applied close to the lash line. Apply the softer color on the rest of the eye right up to the brow line. A dot of white shadow pencil near the tear duct inside the eyes will make them look brighter and wider. If you want to go in for smoky eyes, don’t color the entire eyes. You should just color the eye lid and the lower lash line. Remember to apply the mascara.


Color the crease of your eyelids with dark color using a brush to bring out the shape of your eyes, restricting the use of the vibrant shade to the area between the lash line and the crease. Using a light color, highlight the brow bone. It not only gives a dramatic look to your eyes but will also make them look bigger. This can be done by brushing a light eye shadow below your brow. Keep the other makeup light and your face simple if you want to wear a vibrant eye shadow.  Don’t use dark lip colors. A simple gloss will work for you.


Bright and vibrant eye shadows are best worn for evening affairs; as such shades enhance the beauty of the eyes in dim light. It is always better to wear an eye shadow that goes with your eye color. For example, for blue eyes, wear dark brown shadow and for darker eyes, bright colors will work well. You can also apply vibrant eye shades like green or violet shades to add a dazzle to your eyes.

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