Ideal Makeup For Dance

dance makeup

dance makeupDancing is a beautiful performing art, widely appreciated throughout the world. There are various forms of dances around the world. However, one thing is common in that and that is the necessity of makeup for it.

No matter what form of dance you are going to perform, it requires suitable costume and suitable makeup. Here are some steps to apply the ideal kind of makeup for dancing:

Best Makeup For Dance


It is important for a dancer to be fresh faced and devoid of any visible signs of fatigue. An exfoliation and cleansing routine is very important before any show. It is best to use an oil-free moisturizer to hydrate the skin. Long hours of stage performance and harsh lighting can cause a lot of sweating which may result the makeup to wear off.

It is important to use a primer to even out the complexion and reduce the appearance of large pores. An oil-free and matte based foundation is required. Use a concealer generously to hide imperfections and dark patches. Use a powder to set the makeup for long wear and use a fluffy brush to blend it well. Try to fix the makeup with a fixing spray like Dior Makeup Fix.


This is the most tricky part of the makeup. An intense and dark colour on the cheeks is necessary, but it has to be blended properly so that it does not look too sharp and loud. It is best to choose an intense colour best suited for your complexion. A pearly pink will be suitable for pale complexions, while a golden plum for warm complexions.

cheeks makeup

Pinkish hues look  delightful and charming on dancers. Use a Kabuki brush to blend the colour well for a beautiful radiance. If you want more drama and luminance add a highlighter on the cheekbones and again blend well for an illuminating effect.


You need to be highly expressive throughout your performance. Lot of attention will be on your eye expression, so you need to pay a lot off care while putting on eye makeup. Concentrate on the eyebrows and using a pencil fill out scanty places. A well-defined pair of eye brows will look gorgeous. Apply an eye shadow primer on the entire lid and fill your lower lids with the colour of your choice. Use either a grey or brown shadow and apply thickly on the crease line extending towards the outer corners of your eyes.

Blend the colours properly and apply a pearly colour on the inner corners as well as under the brow bones. This will brighten the eyes. Now take a dark black liner and apply a thick line on the upper lash line. Use a dark brown liner to line the lower lash line, and to make the eyes look bigger apply a white pencil liner to line the lower water line. Apply false lashes to make the look more dramatic and expressive.


It is best to use a brighter shade like red, wine, fuchsia or berry. Apply a concealer on the lips and define the line with a liner whose shade is similar to the lip colour you are going to use. Fill in the lips with a brush and blot the colour, follow with another coat.

lips makeup

This will make the colour stay for a long time without bleeding. This will finish the look. Generally makeup for dance performances is dramatic. So it is important to set the overall makeup correctly for a stable and long-time wear.