Ideal Makeup For Spring

Bright Makeup

spring makeupSpring is the most romantic and beautiful season of the weather circle. The advent of this season is marked by blooming flowers, new leaves and chirping birds. Nature beautifies itself with flora and fauna. The pleasant weather, the flowing breeze often tempts us to pamper ourselves and make us suitable for the season.

Spring brings us close to pretty colours, both in our wardrobe ad vanity.  It is a time we can experiment with colours with ease. Here is a detailed description about the ideal makeup for the season:

Makeup For Spring

An Angelic Face

Remember it is all about being flirty, feminine and soft. Your face should exactly show that aura, not being too matte or dewy. Use an oil-free moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Then use a velvety primer to even out your complexion. This will reduce the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores.

Once the skin is refined, you can either use a lightweight mousse foundation for subtle glow, or instead opt for a BB cream that can give a more natural effect. Take a cream concealer and cover flaws like dark circles and zits. You can set your face with a little bit of translucent powder or setting spray. This will make your makeup stay for long hours.

Rosy Cheeks

Rosy cheeks have been associated with every romantic character in novels. To create this look, get a pink powdery blush and swipe over the apples of your cheeks. Take a fluffy blush brush and blend it properly for a natural flush. Remember to choose a pink that best matches your complexion.

rosy cheeks

A pink inclined towards the berry side, will be suitable for wheatish complexions. After the colour is blended, you can use a highlighter or a pearly pigment to slightly sweep over the cheeks under the eyes. This will give a beautiful radiance to your skin.

Colourful Eyes

Experiment and be creative with your eyes. A pop of girly pastel shade can create an amazing eye look. Chose a shade that is a contrast to your dress for an offbeat look. If you are wearing a simple grey dress, try to add a vibrant hue like blue or green on the eyes. This will make the look playful and fun.

For an intense look you can use it as a shadow with a darker shade on the crease and a lighter one on the lids. If it is too pigmented you can either use it to line the upper eyelids or to draw a line along the lower lash line. This will make the look more subtle and romantic.

No matter what colour you use, don’t forget to apply a voluminous mascara at the end. For a more dramatic effect use a pearly shade at the inner corners of your eyes and under your brow line.

Muted Lips

muted lips

It is tempting to use brighter shades on the lips, but since you are using brighter colour on the eyes, try to keep you lips as simple as possible. Either you can opt for a nude gloss, or you can go for a light peach or pink shade. Don’t forget to apply the lipstick by patting with your fingertips. This will make it look natural without being overdone.

This is an ideal way to ensure a lovely romantic look for spring that can be sported by anybody.