4 Ideas For Haircuts With Bangs For Girls

Haircuts With Bangs For Girls

Girls love to experiment with their hairs. That is why hair styling materials like hair colors, hair straightener and hair styling products like gels, mists, and hair sprays are so much in demand these days.

But along with these things, girls always love to change their overall looks with a new kind of haircut. And some of the most popular haircuts which has made the girls go crazy, are the haircuts with bangs. Bangs changes the entire look of a person, and it also gives a fresh look to the wearer. So, if you are also thinking of trying out the haircuts with bangs, this article can help you get some idea.

Haircuts With Bangs

Bob Haircuts

Bob is a classic haircut. Normally we see elegant, aged women with bob haircut, but girls also love to try this look. Bobs are cut with blunt bangs, and the hair remains longer at the front and shorter at the back. And the blunt bangs come down on the forehead up to the eyebrows. Bob haircut looks good on any kind of facial features. If you have round face, then the bangs help to cover the cheeks, and this haircut also complements other shapes of faces, like heart, round, square and diamond shaped faces.

bob hairstyle

Choppy Haircuts

Choppy hair cut is done by trimming the hairs at different lengths. The hairs are just chopped off with no specific style, and hence the name of this haircut is “choppy”. It requires a lot of time and efforts to maintain this hairstyle. And if you want to add a twist to this hairstyle, you can go for bangs. Bangs create a balance and they also enhance your looks. You can ask your hair stylist to select the perfect bang according to your face type.

choppy hairstyles

Emo Haircuts

Emo haircut is a type of haircut, which is inspired by a musical genre. Emo haircut does not have any specific length. It can be either very short, or else it can be long. Normally, emo haircut is characterized by asymmetrical hairs and chops. Emo hairstyle also looks good with bangs. Normally side swept bangs look more natural with emo haircuts, but you can also go for other types of bangs, which would complement your facial features.

Emo style

Pixie Haircuts

A pixie haircut is a short haircut which is accompanied by different kinds of bangs. In this hairstyle, the hairs are cut short, and different kinds of bangs are used to match with different kinds of pixie haircuts. For example, a loose pixie hairstyle is accompanied with a side swept medium length bang, while a short pixie haircut is accompanied with short bangs.

Pixie Cut

Types Of Bangs

Straight Bangs

Straight bangs are cut up to the eye brows, and these are best suited with long and oval faces.

Straight Bangs

Blunt Bangs

It is also similar to straight bangs. These also come down to the eye brows, but the only difference between straight and blunt bang is the style of cutting. In blunt style the bangs are of uniform length, but the length of the straight bangs gradually increases. Blunt bangs look good on long, round and oval faces.

Blunt Bangs

Side Swept Bangs

These bangs are cut in a specific manner, so that they come down to one side of the face in a tapering style. These look good on square, round and oval shaped faces.

Side Swept Bangs

Parted bangs

In this, the bangs are parted at the middle or off-the -centre. This style is best suited for long and heart shaped faces.

Parted bangs