Ideas for Romantic Honeymoons

romantic honeymoon ideas

romantic honeymoon ideasAre you willing to go on a honeymoon but don’t really know where to go? Then you should be looking on the following list, because we have compiled some great ideas for you.

(Lake Saranac, NY)

The retreat is a gorgeous location, because it offers a rustic charm which can definitely attract those looking for nice views and a quiet place. Class chefs provide the food over here and the accommodation is luxurious. Your partner and you will definitely be thrilled to be here.

(Le Prince Maurice, Mauritius)

A lot of people dream of visiting Mauritius. This site offers a number of 88 suites, and the guests are invited to feel at home in this private lagoon, offering landscaped gardeners as well as outside pools. The restaurants serve seafood gathered from the ocean and you also have a library at your disposition. A $1524 rate covers ten nights in this resort.

(Sabi Sands, South Africa)

This resort offers a game reserve and the panorama offered by the Sand river as it is called. There are hippos, lions, elephants in the resort as well as a spa. The food offered is world class and you can cruise up the river as well as during night time. The rate of $1898 per couple, for every night ensures that you are offered the best service possible.

(Ocean Club, Bahamas)

This getaway offers terraced gardens, which are built on the model of the Versaille ones. The service offered lasts twenty four hours, private room service is offered and the rate per night starts at $760.

(Taveuni Island, Fiji)

This island in the Fiji is secluded and isolated. Therefore, utmost privacy is offered. The villas each have bedroom and bathrooms and can be home to some of the rarest bird species on the plant. Rates per night start at $825 and a minimum stay of five days is required to make a reservation here.

(Las Alamandas, Mexico)

This resort is hidden in an oasis of 70 acres, full of exotic birds and flowers. Only thirty guests are allowed to stay in at the same time, therefore, the atmosphere is extremely private. There are 15 suites, with terraces and bathrooms for each room. The honeymoon package costs $1920 for a stay of six nights and for this you will receive champagne, sea view massages as well as horseback ridings, all included in the prices. If you don’t choose the honeymoon package, rates will start from $450 and upwards.