Importance Of Weight Loss Programs

lose-weightWe all have seen those well worded catchy ads prompting us to lose weight in a matter of days. People do get tempted by such ads and a few who went in for such a diet program, either dropped the towel too early or found it to be too taxing on their health and were driven back to their normal diet.

Yes, it’s not healthy to be over weight. All the time you are under physical and psychological pressure of being overweight. But, this problem of over weight is the only one of its kind. It’s a different ball game all together. Can you stop eating forever? You may fast for a few days or periodically; at times you can afford to miss a meal intentionally, but to give up food!

Yet, you want to shed those extra pounds in the shortest time. You see that ad and are hooked to it. The planners suck you, really.  By any stretch of imagination there’s no way to make you lose ten pounds in a week. The human body is designed to lose fat at the rate of not more than one or two pounds, at the most in a week. Yes, you may lose more weight but not more than a pound or two of fat in a week.

If at all you do, you are losing lean muscle too and consequently your metabolic rate falls down. There is plenty of medical data available to prove that. The rate at which your body is able to burn calories is known as metabolic rate.

This is how the cycle moves:  You opt for a special diet program to reduce weight above the prescribed limits of losing that. Along with fat you lose muscle too, though you are unaware of that. Result, is a lower metabolic rate. Thus, your body is unable to burn more calories with the newly acquired metabolic rate. Now that you can’t go on diet forever, you depart from the diet.

Consequently you gain all the weight that you might have lost, and at a much faster rate, for as you get back to your normal diet, your metabolism jumps up, you begin to burn calories normally, and that makes you hungry.

It doesn’t imply that you can’t lose weight forever. You certainly can. But, it calls for practicing, patience, and restrain for a longer period.