Important Facts about Breast Enlargement

The best part of a woman’s body that gives her a feeling of sexiness, is her breasts. Imagine how good you can look in tight fitting shirts when they hug your figure. This is one asset that women would like to have and which men would find appealing.

When you lack in this feature though, you could feel a bit insecure and less feminine. Whether you have a flat chest, small breasts or just want to improve their appearance, you may think of having your breasts enlarged.

In the process of enhancing the breast, implants that contain either silicone or saline fillers are being used.

Implants consist of 3 parts:

1.      Shell or Lumen or Envelope. This is the outer layer of an implant. This can be single or double layered.

There are three types of a single lumen implant which are:

a.      The first type is the one that is prefilled before it is brought to the hospital.
b.      The second type is the one filled with a measured volume of saline just before the procedure. The volume of salted water can be adjusted, but once the augmentation is done, no adjustments can be made.
c.       The third type is the one being filled during the surgical procedure.

For both Silicone and saline materials, the shell is made up of a rubber-like material composed of Silicone.

This shell is made up of the following:
a.      Cured strands of Silicone (at least average in length)
b.      Fine Silica Powder – joined to Silicone Polymers
c.       Minimal amounts of other materials

2.      Filler. This is what is inserted into the shell.

3.      Patch. Once the filler has been placed inside the shell, this is used to cover the opening. Between the two kinds of implants used in breast surgery, the one most popularly used is the one with the saline filler. This is since the solution which is used is sterile, the same kind of salted water that is used in general surgeries. In case it requires an addition or extraction, the implant’s volume can be adjusted after the augmentation procedure.

Now that you know the facts about breast enlargement, you can decide if you still want to have the procedure, or be happy with what you were blessed with.