Important Information About First Trimester Pregnancy


To be a mother is one the desires of most of the women. The day the doctor declares them as pregnant, the first Trimester of pregnancy starts. The woman is now ready for accepting many changes, which will take place in her body. She is prepared to welcome her child.


Body Discomforts:

During the First Trimester, she has to understand what is coming in the days to come. She needs to know about the possible complications, remedies, precautions to take. During this period, the woman will have uncomfortable feelings like nausea, vomiting, light- headedness, tenderness of breasts etc. She must be educated about these symptoms and told how to face these situations. Normally, the doctors will not medicate her too much to cure these symptoms.

Body discomforts

Home Remedies:

During this time, as a remedial measure, the women should take rest. These symptoms will fade away as soon as she enters the second Trimester of pregnancy. Thereafter, the nausea will reduce and the appetite will increase gradually. Therefore, the woman should start taking nutritional foods right from the First Trimester. Nutritional food gives more energy so that the woman can withstand some of these pregnancy related symptoms.

take rest

Normally, during this period the doctor will advise the pregnant for monthly routine check up.    During this period, the doctor will only ensure that the early development of the child is satisfactory and he will ensure that there are no complications for the health of the baby. During this First Trimester itself, the doctor may advise for some more tests or checkups, if warranted.

check up

It would be early for the doctor to evaluate any complications for the child or the mother. During this period, the ‘would be mother’ can purchase some pregnancy clothes, go on short travel, read books related to pregnancy, read some good article which keeps the mind calm etc. In short, she must be engaged in such activities which giver her peace of mind and keep her in good spirits.

purchase pregnancy clothes

The First Trimester of pregnancy is the time when the women would be most excited. The change of hormones in the body can make her uncomfortable for some time.  This is the first passing phase of pregnanc