Improve your Nails

Nail care is essential as it reflects your personality type. It tells how much conscious you are about yourself and how much you care of body hygiene.

So in case you have not wondered to care about your nails thinking that it is not as important as face, rethink.  You must do regular nail cleaning and filing so as to keep nails tidy. Regular parlor visits are also good to get a deep nail cleaning done.

Small or medium nail length is always nice to look at so do not try to grow much nails as it doesn’t look nice to have huge nails. They look ugly and untidy, plus it requires a lot of care for maintenance. Avoid using many chemicals as they make nails white and yellowish.

When ever you do gardening, cloth or dish washing, etc. wear hand gloves. This helps to stay away from allergies of hands plus it helps you avoid getting dirt accumulated inside nails.

If you plan to get artificial nails then seek a god technician. If it’s done with imperfection, it could be a disaster to your hand look. Apply nail polish to get trendy and glamorous nails. These days, various nail art has been introduces so make sure you visit the salon to get the latest one done up.

If you are applying nail polish yourself, then apply base and top coat so that it stays for long. Do not eat nails or scratch nails to remove nail polish. Always use a nail polish remover otherwise you can ruin your entire nail by such habits.

Home manicure could also be done. Soap your hands in warm water mixed with lemon and shampoo for 15 minutes.  Then do hand scrubbing with the help of scrub and then massage our hands with generous amount of moisturizer. Take a nail filer and file the nail with its help. Do cleaning of nail with the help of it as it gives your nail a clean look.  You must also apply a good hand cream before going off to bed so as to keep them soft always.