Increase Your Sexual Attractiveness With Pheromones

Sexual Attractiveness With Pheromones

Sexual Attractiveness With PheromonesHumans, just like animals and insects, produce their own natural scent. These scents come from chemical compounds in the body known as pheromones.

Just as animals mark their territory with pheromones that can be detected over long distances, humans subconsciously emit pheromones when sexually aroused as a means of communicating with one another. Pheromones send a message of sexual attraction to the brain when they come in contact with a small organ in the nose.

Pheromones are used in various products, such as colognes, body sprays, oils, and even candles. These are but a few human pheromones that might be found in your beauty products.

Androstenone – A pheromone that sends a very dominant male scent signal. It is thought that this chemical entices women on a primordial level.  It is even said to provoke a stronger orgasm during sex.

Androstenol – This chemical sends a scent message that implies you are friendly.

Androsterone – This pheromone is described as a mid-ground between the full-blown male scent of androstenone and the friendly scent of androstenol. In other words, it’s a male scent that is less sexually compelling.

Copulins – This pheromone is produced by women naturally during ovulation and is the female body’s signal that the woman is capable of reproduction.  This attracts men.  Women have been attracting men for thousands of years by dabbing or anointing themselves with perfume.

Research concerning pheromones has shown that they do more than signal sexual attraction; they can also facilitate basic human interaction. For example, some studies have shown that business people can improve the relationships they have with coworkers and clients by using androstenol, the “friendly” pheromone.

Studies have also shown that an individual’s physical appearance may not be as important as the right types of pheromones when it comes to sexual attraction. In fact, when a member of the opposite sex reacts to the individual’s pheromones, it tends to naturally increase the secretion levels and intensity of the scent.  And noting sexual attraction boosts mood and sexual attractiveness.

Not every product that contains pheromones has a scent, but most pheromone products are combined with scented items like cologne and perfume. Furthermore, not everyone responds to pheromones.