Interesting Eyebrow Shaping Tips

eyebrow shaping tipsPerfect eyebrows bring a balance to your face and make you look younger. Unfortunately, everyone is not born with perfectly shaped eyebrows and this is where one can take help of makeup tricks for making the eyebrows look better.

We share with you a few makeup trips that would help you to shape your eyebrows perfectly. Learn more.

Tips For Eyebrow Shaping

Decide How Your Eyebrow Would Look Beforehand

Whether you want to shape the eyebrows on your own or are looking for help from an expert, it’s important to decide whether you want thick or thin shaped brows, light or dark brows, rounded or high arches beforehand. This way, it will be easier for you to achieve the right look and also maintain it properly.

Mark Your Start And End Points

The next step is to mark the start and end points so that it is easier for you to understand ideal length of your brows. This strategy would also help you to stick to your ideal eyebrow length. For best results, use an eye pencil for marking these points.

Opt For High Quality Tweezers

Most makeup artists agree that quality of the tweezers you buy can play an important role in determining the shape of your eyebrows.


For best results, avoid the pointy tweezers and instead, choose slanted ones. This is because slanted tweezers allow you to pick the stray hair quickly. Furthermore, unlike pointy tweezers, these tweezers do not pinch the skin, while removing the stray hairs.

Determine Your Arch Limits

The next step is to determine the arch. For this step, hold an eyebrow pencil and look into the mirror. Ideally, the arch should be located just above the iris and near the brow bone. Now mark the arch by using the pencil and thereafter, remove the hairs located below the arch. Make sure that you do not locate the arch too high because otherwise, your eyebrows will look unnatural.

Fill in the Gaps

eyebrow pencil

Once you have trimmed the excess hairs, it’s time to fill in the gaps. Use a good quality eye pencil for filling these gaps and making the eyebrows look full. After you have finished with one brow, move on to the next one.

Opt For A Translucent Powder

translucent powder

After you have shaped the brows properly, spread translucent powder slightly over the brows. This will soak the excess oil on your skin and allow you to look fresh. If you have oily skin, you can also use the powder on your cheeks or forehead for achieving a fresh look.

Consider Your Lashes

Women with light colored brows often prefer to darken them so that the eyes look better and bigger. While this is an effective strategy, it is important to tint the lashes at the same time so that your lashes complement the brows and vice-vera.


Remember that if colors of your brows and lashes are different, your face will not look balanced. Also, if you put mascara on these light colored lashes, you will end up looking weird. Use these strategies for getting neatly shaped brows.