Invitation Tips for your Baby Shower

baby-showerYou are excited to have another member of the family and you want to give way to his/her arrival by throwing a baby shower. However, you want guidance on how you can make your invitations unique and exciting. I will present some tips for your baby shower invitations.

Choose a Theme

Whether you want a party with themes like teddy bears, ducks or diaper pins, you have to decide and choose one that is visible consistently in the party. Decide on the colors that you want.

If you are doing the baby shower for somebody else, consider the mother’s personal style. You have to ask for this and her preferences. If it is a shower for your baby, then adopt your style and have it visible in your invitation.

Design the Invitation

Make a great first impression with the invitation and planning well using the theme and the colors that you have selected. You also have to consider the time that you will send out the invitations, in order to allow your guests to prepare in buying gifts, their travel plans, if necessary.

Reflect Details in the Invitation

Indicate the date and the time of the event, as well as the venue. It will be helpful to include a map to guide your out-of-town guests. Do not forget RSVP information to determine the exact number of guests that you will be expecting for the party.

In the invitation, you have to mention if men are also welcome, because some have misconceptions that only women attend a baby shower party.

Print the Invitations

You can choose to prepare the invitations yourself or you can hire the services of a designer and printer. To make the effect lasting, you may want to have them done by a printer. If you want it to be more personal and you do not have problems with graphic software for the preparation of the invitation and the printing part, you can definitely do it yourself.

Should you use the services of a professional printing service, you have to lay down the details of the package, so all expectations will be clear. Discuss with them details like font colors, paper styles, wordings, accessories, envelopes and anything that you think are necessary for the invitation.