Is Aloe Vera A Good Remedy For Diabetes?

diabetesDiabetes is spreading fast amongst the population in most of the countries of the world. For example, in America alone, around 16 million are diagnosed to be afflicted with diabetes.

It has also been found that there are nearly one million additions to the list of diabetics annually. That speaks of the severity of the problem.

What Is Diabetes?

The cells in the human body need energy to function properly. The energy for the cells is supplied through the glucose (sugar) present in the food that we consume. The Pancreas gland produces a hormone called ‘Insulin’. When the Pancreas does not produce enough insulin, then the sugar present in the food we take is not absorbed properly. This leads to high blood sugar.

Energy starved cells also becomes weak and it affects the health of the person. The sugar build up in the blood is passed through the urine. This situation is called hyperglycemia and this is called Diabetes.

Result Of Diabetes:

Diabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases. It is also called ‘a silent killer’. It affects the general health of the patient. It may also cause critical problems like failure of the kidney, heart attack, loss of eye sight etc.

Natural Cure For Diabetes:

There are many prescription medicines for Diabetes. Regular analysis of the blood and urine sugar should be done. The patient should consult a physician at regular intervals. Unfortunately, many of the modern medicines have side effects. One side effect could be that using these drugs for a long time could itself cause heart attack and stroke. There are many herbal medicines also available to cure diabetes. These herbal medicines do not have any side effects.

Diabetes And Aloe Vera:

One of the herbal medicines is Aloe Vera. Recent studies have shown Aloe Vera would be replacing all the medicines now available in the market. This is because Aloe Vera is capable of regulating the blood sugar and reduces the triglyceride level in the body.

Researchers suggest two teaspoons of Aloe Vera taken twice daily will help to regulate the blood sugar and triglycerides. Those who are diabetic could apply Aloe Vera topically on wounds. That will help the wound to heal faster. As a matter of precaution, those who are diabetic should use Aloe Vera under strict medical supervision.

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