Is Hair Oil Really Beneficial

Hair Oil

Long hair enhances a woman’s beauty and grace. Hair, skin or figure everything needs proper attention and care. Grandmothers have always said to oil hair and now science has proved that hair oil indeed has many benefits.

Hair Oil

The primary reason being, the oil hydrates and moisturizes the scalp which suffers from heat, dust, pollution and the teeth of comb! Moreover, the oil is not as important as the massage given by finger tips. Since a chemical gel would obviously harm the soft skin of scalp, natural and herbal oil is used to gently massage the scalp.

The oil which enters the pores increases the blood circulation and nourishes the hair follicles and hair roots. Reaching the roots and the tip, it not only prevents hair fall but also split-ends. It is also necessary for those who live in monsoon-type or humid climate, as humidity leads to premature hair fall. Oiling the hair constantly makes them stronger and thicker.

prevents hair fall

A hair massage is also a good stress buster. If you have an oily skin, please do not keep the oil over- night, an hour or two before the wash will do well. One must realize to use the hair oil judiciously rather than liberally. Hair oil also is a natural conditioner. Today’s hair products are acidic and chemically derived so oil also avoid drying of the itchy scalp due to the chemicals, avoiding unnecessary hair fall.

Virgin coconut oil is best for those who have normal to dry hair as coconut oil contains Vitamin-E and anti-oxidant properties which rebuild the skin tissues making the scalp stronger. It heals as well as repairs. Amla or wild goose berry oil is one of the oldest conditioner used around the world. It enriches the hair and growth and pigmentation thus evading premature graying.

coconut oil

It is also known for its cooling effects. Extra virgin Olive oil too helps those whose kids suffer from head lice. Olive oil also improves the luster and elasticity of hair as it is a fruit it is less oily and in turn less sticky and messy as compared to others. Almond oil has magnesium, calcium, Vitamin E and Vitamin D. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin and scalp, easing the rashes and thereby reducing hair fall and adding luster to the locks.

Olive oil

So what does the hair oil do? It prevents hair fall making their lease life stronger. When they fall less it grows in length and width. It also provides luster and smoothness to the damaged hair and prevents further damage. Hair care does not depend on the oil solely.

It is essential to take care of everything shampoo, oil and conditioner as well as our diet. And remember do not keep experimenting, by changing oils and shampoo; it severely damages your hair. What we eat, drink and think everything matters and creates a reaction on our magical machine called ‘our body’. Keep natural, keep healthy!

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