Jeans For Short Women

Short women face some extra hassles when it comes to finding the right pairs of jeans that fit and compliment them because of fitting problems and their unavailability in the online and the offline.

It can be very difficult to find jeans that do not reach the ground or have a short enough inseam. Different styles of jeans will help different shaped short women look stylish and proportional. Here are some types of jeans for short women that they can consider when choosing jeans.

Stylish Jeans For Short Women

Jeans Which Are Well Fitted At The Hips

If you are someone with a short height make sure you select jeans by your hip size and not your waist size. You do not need to worry about the number of your jeans’ size. It’s more important to wear jeans that fit well on your hips. Generally the one that fits through the hips fits well at the waist too. If it does not, you can get it altered. Loose bottom jeans look pathetic on every woman and can make a short woman look even shorter.

Mid-Rise or High Waist Jeans

Although low-rise jeans still continue to be very much popular, most short women will look better in jeans with a mid-rise or just-below-the waist rise. Low-rise jeans especially when worn with a belt make a short woman’s hip look bigger and their legs shorter.

high waist jeans

Moreover if you have a bulging tummy, wearing low-rise jeans will highlight the tummy that you do not want to get highlighted. If you still feel like wearing low-rise jeans, go for the one that goes down more at the back than in the front.

Dark Colored Jeans

There are so many color ranges in denim now, from very light to very dark blue. For short women, the best denim color is the darkest blue because it helps short women look slender and much taller. Nowadays, colored jeans are very much in trend.

dark colored jeans

As with the blue shades, darker is better if you want to look taller and leaner. So, even though the jeans in bright or pastel hues may be attractive, selecting a dark color such as black, green, purple will be a better option.

Straight Cut Jeans

One of the best styles for short women is a straight cut. This means the jeans fall straight down from the knee to the ground and are neither tapered nor flared and this solid vertical shape creates a high, lean look giving the impression of a taller height.

straight cut jeans

Straight cut jeans normally fit your regular waist and are slender through the thighs and go straight down gradually. The style elongates shorter frames as the legs look extended. They are the ultimate leg enlargers.

Trouser Cut Jeans

Trouser cut jeans are another suitable option. Particularly if you’re shaped more like an apple than a pear; this cut fits from the broadest part of the hip and goes straight to the ground while adding balance. Also avoid folding up jeans at the hem if you want a lengthier, slimmer look.

trouser cut jeans

A correct pair trouser cut jeans creates the illusion of height and length. Just be sure to dodge anything that is too baggy – you will look like you’re sinking in denim. With so many varieties of jeans in the market and more manufacturers offering petite jeans, it’s becoming a little stress-free to find a style of jeans that compliments short women excellently.