Jet Lag Massage and Spa

Body fatigue is a common result of international trips and this requires a good body massage. You can visit a spa for this very reason and one such spa is known as Spa Soul, which is located in Galaxy hotel. The Spa has introduced a Jet Lag massage in its menu recently. This Jet Lag Massage has the specialty to set the body to the new area’s time zone. This massage will give you a good sleep for the night and you will adjust to the new time zone easily.

Jet Lag Massage:

The massage starts from your feet. Your feet will be washed and dipped in salt water, followed by a massage of Rosemary and Eucalyptus oils that will give you a complete relaxation out of jet lag.

The next step is to massage the head gently and this really helps you to get rid of the stress and mental fatigue. This is followed up by a mild massage of the eyes, which will help to remove the dark circles and the drowsiness.
The application of Patchouli and Sandalwood oils on the body helps you to forget all the restlessness and fatigue. This type of aromatic massage is very useful to provide maximum relaxation to the body.

The leg and feet are given special attention during the massage. The application of oils on legs will help increase the blood circulation and to cure the fatigue. The special attention given to you in the therapy is such that the blood circulation increases, which will help to reduce the swelling that may have occurred as a result of traveling.

The massage is followed up with a special tea that complements the soothing effect of massage beautifully.

Spa Soul at Galaxy Hotel is a very serene place for those want to spend some time in peace. The place is well decorated and the interior is worth seeing. The Spa will help you to get rid of your body ache after any international traveling.

The Spa Soul is well equipped with the fitness and beauty services. The Spa has a wide range of treatment, starting from the local therapy to the European therapy. The ambiance of Spa is perfect and will give you the much needed relaxation. You can visit the Spa Soul and avail any of the facilities on the menu, to keep yourself fit and active.

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