Keep The Fizzy Hair In Order

What causes fizzy hair?

Some have fizzy hair by birth but others have it because of excessive use of styling materials like dryers, frequent coloring, using low quality shampoos etc. Besides these, deficiency of vitamins and proteins are also known to cause fizzy hair. Experts also say that when the hair loses moisture, it becomes dry and that causes fizzy hair.


Fresh food: Dermatologists advice that by taking fresh fruits and vegetables, skin gets enough proteins and vitamins. As a result, the hair gets enough moisture and becomes healthy, making it easy to control fizzy hair.

Pomade: This is a quick solution to control fizzy hair. After washing the hair, dry it thoroughly. When the hair is still damp apply pomade. Using fingers, distribute the pomade evenly through the hair. Ensure that pomade is not applied on the scalp. Allow it to dry naturally. Apart from Pomade, there are other hair conditioning products like Ojon, which are also used for controlling the fizzy hair.

Mayonnaise: This is a homemade remedy. Take an egg and beat it thoroughly. Mix four table spoonful of Mayonnaise to the beaten egg. Mix it thoroughly. Now, apply this mix on the hair evenly. Take a towel and dip it in hot water. Now put on a shower cap, put the hot towel on the shower cap and wrap it well. After about half an hour, remove the towel and shower cap, wash the hair thoroughly and dry it well.

Apply oil: This is another homemade remedy. Put few drops of vegetable oil like Sunflower or Coconut Oil on the palm and rub it well with both palms. Thoroughly comb the hair with greasy palms so that the entire hair is thoroughly greased. Scrunch the end of the hair with the greased palms. Grease the scalp as well. Take this treatment at least once a week. This will improve the moisture in the hair and as a result, fizzy hair will be brought under control. The quantity of oil to be used depends on the health of the hair.

Blow dryer: Experts always recommend anti static dryer. This is because by quick drying, the moisture in the hair can be retained and, therefore, there are less chances of fizzy hair.