Keep Your Eyes Safe With These Eye Makeup Tips

Most women at some time will experience allergic reactions when using makeup. These are usually due to a reaction with the preservatives used in the makeup.

The preservatives are used to stop bacterial growth and can sometimes cause adverse reactions when used beyond their expiry date. Another thing to look out for when applying makeup is an accidental injury when using eyeliner or from a finger nail.

Use a Sharp Pencil
One way to avoid eyeliner injury is to always use a sharp pencil. This will prevent any wooden splinter from accidentally tearing the delicate skin around your eyes. Keep your pencil sharp and do not allow your mind to wander when applying eyeliner.

Use Makeup Removers Carefully
Makeup removers for the eyes should always be used carefully. If these get into your eyes, these can cause irritation, swelling and other reactions. Since these are designed for use near the eyes their composition does not necessarily comply with the rules for products designed for use in the eyes, such as eye drops.

Avoid Reinfection
One thing you should always do if you get an infection from makeup is to immediately throw away the product that caused the infection. Since this is probably due to a bacterial infection in the makeup itself, you should not use it again. You should also refrain from using makeup until the condition improves.

Do Not Share Makeup
Sharing makeup is a good way to also share infections. A certain makeup may have a bacterial presence but it does not affect your friend since she has a different skin composition than yours. It could affect you however, so you should be careful about using eye makeup that can cause infections.

Throw Away Old Cosmetics
Besides throwing out old cosmetics that are past their expiry date, you should also throw out the applicators. Any bacteria that have lodged in the old applicators could be easily transferred to new cosmetics, contaminating the new products. You should also make sure that the sample products tried out at cosmetic counters are fresh and have not been used before by another customer.

Do Not Makeup and Drive
Lastly, do not put on makeup when driving. This is not only a safety hazard for you but for other drivers as well. A sudden maneuver could force the applicator or eyeliner pencil into your eyes and cause a serious injury. A bump in the road or an oil slick could produce a similar effect.