Keep Your Skin Firm

oilyskincareskinAny activity that we perform in our everyday lives affects our skin.  Whether it is tiredness, our food intake or exercise, the skin discloses all our habits. It might be unnoticeable in early youth but if we do not live the right way and take good care of the skin, the skin will eventually lose its firmness.

Skin Secrets

There are basic tips and skin secrets that we need to follow in order to prevent our skin from losing its shine and elasticity.

Stay Hydrated

Spending long hours in the sun can dry skin cells and cause serious diseases.  It is best to use sun screens to protect the body from damage if you are planning to work long hours in the sun.  Drink a lot of water because humidity is essential for the cells to regenerate.  It is recommended that a person drinks 8-10 glasses of water daily so the body does not dehydrate.  Replace carbonated drinks with fresh juicy fruits, tea and natural juice.


The skin loses its moisture due to use of improper soaps, air conditioning, sun and wind and cold.  It is advisable to use creams on hands, face and body after showering every day. Natural moisturizers with anti aging nutrients are best to keep the skin looking young and vibrant.

Healthy diet

Citrus fruits help to keep the skin looking young.  In certain proportions, every food is good for the human body and therefore it is important to maintain a healthy diet.  A balanced diet is necessary to supply the body with all the vitamins and minerals that it needs.

Regular Exercise

Exercise keeps the body in shape and helps the skin to take up more oxygen.  It makes the body look good and keeps your skin elastic.

Quit smoking and Drinking

Smoking and drinking alcohol does a lot of damage to the body.  They make the skin lose water and unwanted materials get in the body causing skin diseases.  The skin of heavy smokers also gets pale and therefore it is advisable to quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

No matter what we do it will eventually affect our skin.  If the skin is taken care of then it will look healthy and shine.  Proper nourishment of the body is vital in making a difference to the way your skin looks.