Know the Causes of Breast Pain

A woman can experience breast pain due to various reasons. Maiden breast pain occurs at the time of puberty during the breast development stage. There are two types of pains-cyclic and non cyclic.

Cyclic mastalgia is directly related to menstruation. It occurs during the menstruating periods and the intensity varies on each day. This is due to hormonal changes. Cyclic pains stops at the time of post menopausal period.

Cancer could also trigger breast pain but it need not be the sole reason for the pain. A fibrous mass or cyst, breast infection, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, injury and shingles are other causes of breast pain. Women must do routine self breast check for occurrence of any lump. Lump on breast may be cancerous.

Women are targeted by breast infection usually at the time of lactation, when infection-causing bacteria enter the mammary glands from the baby’s mouth through a crack in the breast. Breast pain normally increases during pregnancy as the ducts get filled with milk.

In case of infection there are possibilities of nipple discharge, pain and redness in the area. The colour of discharge could either be green or brown. You need to take antibiotics for infections. If you have pain on only one breast accompanied by rash then you are affected with shingles.

Ice pack therapy is advisable for breast injury. In case of persistent pain consult a doctor. You may be relieved of pain due to fibrocystic breasts on intake of birth control pills. These types of pains could also be reduced if you limit intake of coffee, soft drinks, tea and chocolate.

Women, who had attained puberty at an early stage, women who have not got pregnant and who have attained menopause at a later stage are at a risk of  breast cancer. Surgery is not recommended for all sorts of pain unless a lump is found. Abscess may also be painful. Abscess is treated by draining by aspiration with a needle and syringe. This type of draining is usually done after injection of local anaesthetic.

With timely diagnosis and treatment breast pains could be cured. Even a teenage boy suffers from breast pain during puberty.