Laser Hair Removal For Bikini Line

Laser Hair Removal For Bikini Line

Laser Hair Removal For Bikini Line Every woman would want her bikini line clear. Just imagine how would it feel when you are wearing a bikini and your hair pops-up from the side of it? It would be really embarrassing. Bikini hair removal through the laser method is getting popular these days as it gives you relief from itching and burn marks caused using razor or Brazilian wax.

Laser method takes a few minutes to remove unwanted hair from your bikini area.

How is it Done?

Firstly the under skin hair is destroyed which sheds out completely. The open pores are closed by using a cream which gives you a soft, smooth and sexy skin. This process is hardly painful unlike all other hair removal procedures available in the market.

The laser beam is spotted on the hairy area for a very short time. This is absorbed by the dark pigments which burns them, disables their growth and the hair don’t grow for a long time. The number of sittings strictly depends upon the skin and hair type. Not many are aware about the styles available for having bikini laser hair removal.

There Are Three Styles of Laser Hair Removal Which Are

Regular Bikini Line Hair Removal

As the name suggests, hair which is two inches inside and outside of the bikini line are removed. Generally women of age 40+ ages suggested doing this one. You keep wearing your panties or swimsuits and then the area of hair removal is measured. Hair on the labia is not removed at all. This is a great way to get the hair of inner thigh and bikini line removed. This will give you an advantage of having hair in the private as well as getting laser on the outer side.

Playboy Style Laser Hair Removal

In this style hair on the labia is removed and some of the hair on mid-section of a bikini is removed through laser. This is best for the people who don’t want their complete hair to be removed.

Laser Hair Removal For Bikini Line

This is usually done by the women who are between the ages of 30 – 40. The benefit of play boy hair removal is that it gives you the comfort of having some hair on the pubis area.

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Brazilian Style Laser Hair Removal

The Brazilian style hair removal means that all the hair from front to the back are removed through laser. Hair including the front, the labia section and area near the peri-anal area are removes completely. This is mostly get done by youngsters of ages 18-35 years. Some youngsters get the modified Brazilian wax where they leave some strip of hair and get rest removed. Well it depends on your attitude and style.

The laser style hair removal of bikini line gives you many benefits like you don’t have to bare the pain and burns of wax or itchiness and cuts because of razors. It is a relatively painless method and leaves behind smooth and soft skin. You can very well make out the difference of laser hair removal method and other methods. All you need is to be sure about getting clean for a long time, as once you have removed all the hair permanently there is no looking back.