Laser Hair Removal

laser-hair-removal-300x249There are pros and cons to laser hair removal. If you have sensitive skin, it may not be an option for you to consider. If you have hair that just seems stubborn and won’t go away or comes back too quickly, this could be for you. No matter what area of the body you want to have hair removed from, laser technology can take care of it.

There is little to no pain with this procedure and your skin will feel silky smooth when the procedure is complete. It is also a very fast procedure.

It is recommended that you do a patch test if you have dark or sensitive skin. The darker the skin tone, the higher the risk of skin damage due to absorbing too much light. Also, if you have brown hair, the results would probably be more effective than if you have red hair.

As for the safety issues, having a consultation with a professional beforehand will put your mind at rest. The treatment will take up to 45 minutes depending upon the area you are having treated. It is also recommended that you stop waxing and tanning for at least 2 weeks before having the procedure done due to sensitivity.

On the day of the procedure, do not use deodorants, wear perfumes or use lotions of any kind, including sunscreen. Aspirin and alcohol should also be avoided for at least 2 days before the procedure as well. By not using any of these products, your skin will be less sensitive to the UV laser light, which means that you have less chance for swelling and irritation.

Once the procedure is complete, any remaining hairs will fall out over a 10-day period and any re-growth will be fine and smooth. This procedure has helped many men and women feel as though they can be a part of society once again without embarrassing hair. This is a great procedure for removing unwanted facial and neck hair as well as the hair from bikini line, underarms, arms and, of course, legs.