5 Latest Hair Streak Styles For A Contemporary Look

Hair Streak Styles For A Contemporary Look

Whether you want to introduce a gentle change in your looks or want to give yourself a wild makeover, hair streaks are a great way of brightening up your appearance.

Hair streaks of different kinds are available such as natural looking ones as well as cosmetic ones. Some girls may prefer a light, golden look, whereas others might go for purple streaks. Either way, by making a little effort, you will surely be able to find the kind of hair streak style that you might be looking for.

Subtle Highlights

In order to add some brightness to your dull hair, besides giving it a subtle boost, go for highlights. The red-haired and light haired women should go for the color that you had during your childhood for highlighting, in order to get a natural yet flattering look.

On the other hand, dark haired women should go for a color that is two to three shades lighter than the original color of your hair. Apply the highlights intermittently on the top of the head to get a beautiful sun-kissed look.

Subtle Highlights

Low Lights

Low lights are great for adding depth and volume to your hair. In case you feel that you have done too much with the highlights, lowlights help to tone down the look and adds immense richness to the color of your hair.

Low lights should ideally be applied at the top of the head, or at places where you have highlighted the hair. To get a variegated look, make sure of both lowlights as well as highlights together. Lowlights are also considered to be a great way of growing out your hair as you can lowlight using your natural shade to avoid chopping the hair off.

Low Lights

Far From Subtle

Thick streaks have become extremely popular in the recent time, but it suitable for those who want a striking and bold look. For instance, women with naturally ebony hair can go for white highlights.

The method involves adding thick and wide highlights at the top of the head, and leaving the other half as it is. This hair streak style produces a striking contrast. Similarly, girls with light colored hair like brown, can go for golden or yellowish platinum streaks.

Thick streaks

Bright Colors

Adding bright colored streaks such as blue or purple can be extremely fun. A great way of adding this streak is pulling your hair back and adding the bright streak on the bottom layer of the hair. In this way, you can also hide the streak by wearing the hair down. On the contrary, wear the hair up if you want to be funky. If you want to add bright colored streaks to naturally dark hair, you will have to bleach the hair first.

Bright Colored Streaks

Try a New Shade

Hair streaks are also a wonderful way of trying a new shade or color on your hair. Choose a color of the same tone as your base hair color. For instance, if you have naturally brown hair, you can go for auburn color shades to add streaks to your hair. Similarly, natural brunettes can add blonde streaks to their hair, if they have always dreamed of becoming blondes themselves.

Natural Brunettes