Latest Lingerie Trends For Women 2012

Lingerie Trends

Women, who are fashion conscious, not only look for the latest trends and styles in clothes, accessories, shoes and bags, but are equally interested in the hottest lingerie collection available in the market.

Where on one hand clothes and shoes make you look hot and sexy, lingerie makes you feel it to the core. This is one of the major reasons why lingerie collections are taking a front seat in the fashion world. However, not a lot of women know about the lingerie that is in mode currently.

Lingerie Trends

Also, you will need a simple guide that can list down the 2012 trends to make it easier for you to add the best pieces in your wardrobe. Think no more! Here is the best solution for you on how to go about buying the most fashionable lingerie for yourself.

Latest Lingerie Trends For Women 2012

Bold and Bright

One of the major tips that you need to keep in mind while shopping for latest lingerie is to go bold and bright. Color is the keyword when it comes to lingerie of 2012.

Bold colors also have a psychological effect on the mind and enhance the positive aspect of a person. From coral to lime green and reds to plum and sexy pink you can choose your favorites in any style you want. The top most brands also recommend you bright colors for the same.

Satin/Silk and Lace Combos

Satin and lace combination is one of the most sexy lingerie that you can opt for. From briefs to bras as well as sets, this blend is something that you will never regret buying. The classiness of the style is worth the investment you are planning to make.

Panty Styles that are “in”

Boyshorts and thongs are two of the styles that is a “must have” in the wardrobe this year. Not only will it make you feel hot but also give you the comfort you are looking for! Along with this, bikinis are something that is an all time favorite among women.

Vintage Look is Back!

The vintage styles and look are back with a bang! This can be especially seen in the collection of big brands such as Mode, Victoria’s Secret and more! These will come in darker hues and shades and give you that 80’s look all over again.

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Latest Lingerie Trends For Women 2012


Printed lingerie is another category of style that will be perfect for this year 2012. Here, polka dot print is worth mentioning that takes a front seat in the collection.

Along with this floral prints with a little bit of lacing can also work wonders! For those who love experimenting with bolder stuff, animal prints are the way to go especially the leopard print.


The retro look especially corsets are back in 2012. So make sure you have at least one of them in your collection in a basic color shade.

The Basics!

No matter how many of the sexy lingerie sets and outfits you have in your wardrobe, the importance of the basics will always remain intact. These play an important role in the day to day wear especially in colors like white, black and beige. Try these latest trends in lingerie this year and see how great it makes you feel!

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