Latest Trends For Bright Makeup

bright makeup

bright makeupBeing prepared with awesome bright makeup is not a big deal for a modern woman as there are many advance makeup applicators and cosmetics to support one dress up for dance party within few seconds. Most of the makeup stuff has been transformed in to a ready to use way so that one can just jazz up its look only within a few seconds.

Still, there are many factors remained with the scope of various experiments that are called as the latest makeup trends. The mediums of makeup stay same but the ideas to apply them goes changing with time and fashion. So, let’s know, what are the latest makeup trends to become the center of attraction in an evening party.

Trends For Bright Makeup

The Base Makeup Tips

Prior to makeup on the face, one should pay extra attention over the preparation of the facial skin to withstand bright light and colors on party. For this purpose, one should first hide all the spots and scares of the face with waterproof concealor, then apply water based foundation on skin which should be only one shade lighter than the skin complexion. Always remember to blend the foundation well with the skin so that it won’t impart you a masked facial look.

Blushy Cheeks

Application of blusher on cheek just offers a revitalized look to the skin instantly. Pretend smiling to get the correct region on cheek bones for applying blusher and put three small dots of loose blusher powder outwards from cheek bone to the ear bone. Then, gently blend the blusher with broad brush and dust of extra powder with the help of dry sponge.

blushy cheeks

Regarding the color selection rose pink is always in and suits on every kind of skin tone. Further, you can try peach, strawberry, plum and move according to your choice, but avoid dark colors if you are not expecting so much loud approach.

Shimmery And Shiny Eyes

Shimmer and glitter looks great on eyes during the night party. Selection of golden, silver or bronze glitter resides upon the jeweled work on your dress. But beware while imparting metallic eye shadow on eyes because it looks good with light matty lips only. On other hand, if you are going with shimmer lipstick, leave eyes with lighter approach by just lining them with eye liner and applying light color eye shadow.

Lining the upper border of eyes with navy blue eye shadow powder is the evergreen trend for eyes.   Put a pinch of gloss just below the eye brows at middle point to impart a rejuvenated look to your face.

Glossy Lips

Whatever color you are using, never forget two important facts about the application of lipstick. The first is to consider the color complexion while selecting the color of the lipstick and second is using one or two shade darker lip liner to outline the lips before application of lipstick.

glossy lips

To make your lipstick stay for longer period, just apply a coat of lip color with brush on your lips and kiss a tissue paper to remove extra color, then dust some baby powder on your lips and spread it over the surface gently, then again apply lip color with care. At last, cover the lips with tinted gloss or colorless lip balm. Now, you need not to concern about the lightening of lipstick.