Layered Hair Styles


Layered Hair StylesIf you are fed up with the same style of lengthy hair hanging on, day in and day out and want to change your hairstyle, layered hair style is the best one for you.

With lengthy hair, you can adopt many styles including buns, pony tails, plaits or let it flow in the open. Layered hair is a popular stylizing for lengthy hair.

Layered styling of hair can suit women having silky straight long hair. The layers that you will notice will not be wavy. You can emphasize them by highlights. In this style, hair along the face’s perimeter is cut in various lengths, to let it fall on your face in layers, the shortest one falling just beneath the eye-level, and the longest one falling below chin. You can choose the hair at your back to be long or short, straight or U, or even a deeper U-cut, according to your desire.

silky straight long hair

For people with narrow and small face, short layered hairstyle can suit, even as hair is made very short and the shortest layer will rest on your forehead, the length gradually increasing as it flows down to sides. At the back, hair will end just above your neck. Use many fringes to give a fine texture to your hair. You can even use gel to provide volume to the haircut.

Medium layers, go with any kind of face. In this style, hair is made to fall in the back in straight-cut just beneath the neck. The length of hair is shortened as it proceeds to reach cheekbones, thus framing your face. In this style, hair is usually parted in middle, allowing your forehead to be seen.

Medium layers

For people with lengthy hair who are not willing to cut the hair short, there is a long layered haircut, in which you trim the hair at your back into a straight cut or U-cut. Frontal hair gets delicate and soft layers.

lengthy hair

The layer which is the shortest of all, starts just below your chin, and gradually increases in its length, when it goes to the sides. For people with oval or a slightly longish face, this style would be suitable. After the haircut, hair is rolled inside to give you a stylish appearance.