5 Tips To Learn And Deal With Puberty Changes In Teenage Girls

Changes in teenage

Teenage is the age when you are stepping on the stepping stone towards matured body and when you start moving towards becoming a woman. But mostly teenage girls are not aware that what kind of changes their body will undergo during the teenage period, so they are worried all the time about these physical and mental mood swings.

Changes in teenage

Why not make our daughter aware of all the changes before hand so that she is mentally and physically prepared to face these changes which are about to come in her life. Here are few tips on how you can prepare your teenage daughter perfectly for that big P or Puberty.

There are just three very important things which you need to remember while going through puberty and they are:

1. Stay cool and keep this in your mind that each and every girl of your age goes through teens and she has to carry tampons hidden in her bag or just like you she is also bothered about the bad body odour and size of her breasts. So stay confident and face it.

2. Remember that if you know about it in advance you can sail through it very easily, so talk about it with your mother or friends so that they can guide you.

3. Think and feed it in your mind that this process of undergoing puberty is quite natural and you have to go through it and face it.

Now let us check out the major changes which a teenager has to face while going through teen years and how can we, be well prepared for them.

Onset Of Periods

Most of the teenage girls are worried about what will happen when the periods will arrive? What will I do if they come in the middle of the class? What if the whole class watches me bleeding? All these questions are really scary and handling the first period is a really ghastly task. But paediatricians say that with the help of Tanner Scale we can predict the onset of puberty.

Here they check out the growth of the pubic hair and the maturity of the breasts which helps them in judging the beginning of the teens. If the growth of pubic hair is very less and the breasts are almost flat, then there is time for the arrival of first period. However if the breasts have started sticking out a bit and the pubic hair are a bit curly in the appearance, this means that the first period is soon going to arrive.

Be Ready Tips:

You can carry a sanitary napkin in a small purse with a zip, so that even if it falls out no one will get to know what is there in it.

In the morning while taking a bath or getting ready for school you see some pinkish or brownish secretion coming out from vaginal area then wear a pad or dark coloured pants so that even if it starts bleeding it does not show off.

Just in case you get your first period and you do not have pad, do not panic as there will not be heavy flow of blood. Just go to the nurse’s office and ask for a pad or you can keep a wad of tissues which will be able to soak all the blood coming out.

Onset of Periods

Control The Body Odour

During puberty the hormonal glands become hyperactive that is why the sweat which comes out has quite stench which might make you feels conscious. Since we sweat a lot from the armpit area it mixes with bacteria to create a stinking smell which we call body odour.

Be Ready Tips:

If you perspire heavily then you can go for prescribed antiperspirants. If need be use both deodorants as well as  antiperspirants , deodorants kill the body stench and antiperspirants lessen the amount of sweat being produced from the sweat glands by blocking them.

Take a shower everyday with mild soap and luke warm water to keep the skin clean. This way the body odour will remain controlled and wear clean and washed clothes every day.

It is advisable that you wear pure cotton under garments as well as clothes as they breathe and absorb sweat thus stopping bacteria to grow on our skin.

Body Odour

Growth Of Body And Facial Hair

During puberty due to hormone production there is hair growth in different parts of our body and face like the teenage girls will have hairs on their upper lip, arms and legs, armpits will be full of hair and pubic hair. Sometimes it gets embarrassing for girls to get these hair growths especially on their face and arms.

To Be Ready Tips

Teenage girls can go for easy ways to get them removed or hide them with the help of waxing, threading or bleaching.

Young girls can go in for shaving their pubic hairs, legs and the underarm area, but never shave the facial hairs otherwise it will be the worst thing you will do to your face.

Body And Facial Hair

Breasts Development

This is the most versatile feature of the onset of puberty and during the teenage the girls show enlargement of breasts along with growth of the hip region too. If it is happening then everything is quite fine , but if it is not happening to you then need not worry , some girls show the signs of breast growth bit later.

Some girls show the development quite early and some show them a bit later but at the end everyone has grown up breasts and enlarged hips and whatever puberty brings with it. You cannot control the development of breasts, it is not in your hands but just, be prepared by wearing the right size lingerie as and when required to support them.

Acne Eruptions

This is another very common feature which both boys and girls show during teens. Rather boys are more acne prone during puberty s their skin is more oily while in girls acne outburst is a bit controlled.

Acne Eruptions

To Be Ready

You can control them by keeping your face clean and washing it every day twice with a mild face wash or cleanser. Do not scrub your face as it can make them worst. You can use over the counter acne treatment creams which can be applied to the skin and they contain either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid which helps in controlling acne.

Use sunscreen lotions which are non-comedogenic and do not move out in the sun for tanning or sun bathing it can worsen the acne. Thus if you learn about these five most common puberty changes ycan sail smoothly through the teenage without any trouble or embarrassment guaranteed.

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