6 Tips On How To Look Sexy

How To Look Sexy

Tips On How To Look Sexy

You don’t have to dress skimpy in order to look sexy. Sexiness is not about scantily clad women. We have some proven tips you can use to bring that sexiness out while maintaining your class.

Sexy Lips

Make your lips sexy by wearing lipstick in a matte shade. It looks even sexier if you top it with a transparent gloss. Never wear red or dark lipstick unless you are wearing all white or all black clothing. Gloss topped with a light rosy tint is sexy and will look better than glossy lipstick. Be sure to line your lips and keep that lipstick off of your teeth!

Sexy Lips

Wear Good Quality Clothing

The price of some things doesn’t matter but quality shows in clothing. Even if you have a smart eye for bargains, you can easily miss the mark so try to buy good, quality stuff.

Wear Good Quality Clothing

Don’t wear Red

You may love red, but be careful with it. Don’t wear it from head to toe unless it’s a simply styled dress and even then, try offsetting it with another color (a gold belt or scarf).
Don’t show a great deal of cleavage or too much leg when wearing red.

Don’t wear Red

Showing Off That Body

Don’t bare too much of your body at one time. If you wear a low neckline, don’t wear a short skirt.

If you bare those sexy shoulders, then don’t show cleavage. You want to be sexy, but don’t forget to do it with class.

Don’t bare too much of your body

Exposing Bra Straps

If you match the color of your bra to your shirt, you can expose the straps. But if they don’t match, please don’t show them!

Exposing Bra Straps

Feeling Sexy

Now that you look sexy, we have some s. You will never be truly sexy unless you feel it from the inside.

• Avoid wearing short sleeves unless your underarms are waxed because you will be too self-conscious to raise your arms.

• Pin your bra straps if your top has an oversized neckline.

• Don’t wear torn clothing .

• Wear sexy undergarments – they will make you feel sexier.

• Look everyone in the eye when you speak to them.

• Walk proudly with perfect posture.

• Exercise often to feel and look fit.

Be sure to choose clothing that makes your feel confident and look sexy.

Feeling Sexy