Learn The Tricks For Judging A Diamond Before Buying

Diamond is a precious stone and the most sought after jewelry stone in the world. With increase in the production of imitation diamond, there is a high risk of being cheated while buying diamond for your loved ones or for your own use. There are people who can pass them off as real. So, while shopping around for diamond, you must know how to identify a real diamond.

Here are the ways to differentiate between a fake and real diamond. Learning this can help you catch the fraud and make a genuine investment.Always buy diamond from a reputed and reliable jeweler and ask for certificate of authenticity from a grading authority like PGGL, GIA, LPG or AGSL, especially if you are buying a stone from internet. You can take the help of independent appraisers also who are affiliated with professional organizations. One such organization is American Society of Appraiser.

Here Are Few Easy Tricks To Judge A Diamond

Diamonds Have Flaws:

Generally people think diamonds are flawless. But the fact is that pure diamond contains tiny flaws and these tiny flaws creates brilliance, which is absent in a fake diamond.

Diamonds Have High Reflective Capacity:

Looking through the diamond can tell you about its authenticity and its components. Due to high reflective capacity, they bend the light that passes through them. Glass or quartz sparkle less, even if they have been cut very nicely, because they have a lower reflective index. This is an inherent physical quality of diamond, which other stones do not have.

While looking through the diamond through microscope you can see many small particles within the stones infrastructure. Even if you hold a diamond before your eyes and try to look through it, you won’t be able to see through it; neither will it look as one unified color. If you can see through it clearly, then it is surely a fake stone. Reflection of real diamond appears grey: If you find that the diamond is reflecting rainbow colors, then it is surely a fake diamond.

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Diamonds Are Durable And Hard:

Diamond is very durable, hard and sharp stone; that is why diamond can cut. It is strong enough to resist any wear and tear. If you can find any scratch, then obviously the diamond is not real.

Diamonds Show Blue Florescence Under UV Light:

To know whether the diamond is fake or real, check it under UV light. Under the UV light, real diamond will show a blue florescent hue. If it doesn’t have blue hue, then most likely it is fake.

Diamonds Are Light:

Weight of the stone also can determine the authenticity. Weight of diamond is approximately 55% less than cubic zirconium. Weigh the stone using carat or gram scale.

Diamond Mount And Setting:

Check setting and mount. Since diamonds are expensive stones, they will not be mounted on cheap metals while imitation stones which are quite cheaper than diamond, are mostly set in less expensive metals.  Check the stamp inside the metal. If it is indicating gold or platinum like 10K, 14K or &50, 950 PT then the stone mounted on the metal is real. If the stamp indicates CZ then there is 100% chance of stone being artificial.  No one will mount a fake diamond in real gold or platinum.

Photo Credit : Queenadiamonds.com